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Featured Capacitors: SCC Series

SuperCapacitors offer excellent pulse power handling characteristics

The future of IoT Modules is here thanks to KYOCERA AVX’s Tech Paper on "The Advantages of SuperCapacitors for Power Constrained Backup." Get all the ins and outs of cutting-edge technology to fuel your IoT devices efficiently and sustainably.

The Tech Paper meticulously explores the cutting-edge synergy between bidirectional buck-boost DC/DC regulation, supercapacitor charging, balancing capabilities, and seamless power switching.

Ready to revolutionize the way you power your IoT modules? Secure your access to KYOCERA AVX's Tech Paper now.

SCC Series – SuperCapacitors

Featured Products

The new SCC Series of cylindrical electrochemical double-layer capacitors offers excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR. Used by themselves or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries, they provide extended back up time, longer battery life, and provide instantaneous power pulses as needed. The SCC Series offers great solutions to Hold Up, Energy Harvesting, and Pulse Power Applications.