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Proudly created by our very own

Industry-leading experts from Future Electronics' Engineering Centers of Excellence develop boards and kits packed with the most innovative components and technologies to simplify and speed up testing and prototyping no matter the project at hand.


Fiore Demonstration Kit


An IoT irrigation demonstration kit consisting of two board with all the key components.

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Goldilocks Demonstration Platform


A versatile multi-sensor Hub system consisting of a main board, a wearable sensor node and an UWB add-on board.

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Biscotti Demonstration Kit


A step counter demonstration board designed in partnership with STMicroelectronics.

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Orion Development Board


Designed to showcase the Laird Connectivity Sterling™-LWB+ and Sterling-LWB5+ embedded Wi-Fi modules.

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Hedgehog Development Board


A MachXO5-NX evaluation board designed by Future Electronics in partnership with Lattice Semiconductor.

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Vespucci Evaluation Kit


A simple demonstration board designed by Future Electronics in partnership with STMicroelectronics.

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Bullseye Evaluation Platform


Bullseye is a new development board aimed at wireless IoT node solutions and showcasing the Panasonic PAN9520.

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Cyclops System


Cyclops is a converter board, designed by Future Electronics System Design Center. The Cyclops System is an easy evaluation platform for image processing applications like bar code scanner, machine vision, gesture recognition and biometrics.


Parts included:

  • Foxlink – FM10FF-724H Camera Module

  • Ka-Ro – QS8M Computer-on-Module

  • NXP – 8MMINILPD4-EVKB: Evaluation Kit for the i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor

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Faraday Development Board


Faraday is a simple platform designed by Future Electronics System Design Center to demonstrate current sensing designs. It implements four channels to measure voltage, current and power.


Parts included:

  • Programmable System-On-Chip
  • Interface and Connectivity:
    • OLED Display
    • Capacitive Touch Keypad Control
    • USB Micro-B
  • Multi-channel Current Sensing platform:
    • Two channels current sensing up to 25A / 60V via terminal block
    • One channel current sensing up to 5A / 20V via USB Type C receptacle
    • One Channel current sensing up to 300mA / 5V via USB Type A receptacle

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GaNdalf II Development System


The new GaNdalf II development system features components from leading suppliers of technology supporting the bridgeless totem-pole Power Factor Correction (PFC) topology.


Parts included:

  • Infineon – CoolGaN™ enhancement mode gallium nitride (GaN) transistors. These devices provide higher efficiency because of the superior electrical properties of the wide-bandgap GaN material. CoolGaN transistors provide better switching performance and lower switching losses than equivalent silicon-based MOSFETs.

  • Microchip – dual-core 16-bit Digital Signal Controller (DSC)

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Future Electronics Northern Lights Development Kit


The Future Electronics Northern Lights demonstration platform combines machine learning with vision and digital signal controller technologies to provide an all-in-one demonstration for object recognition-based motor control applications.


Northern Lights showcases multiple technologies from Microchip and includes:

  • A Video Board with a color CMOS image sensor and a low cost, low power FPGA

  • A Display Module with color OLED panel

  • A Motor Control Board with a digital signal controller

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Future Electronics Scale-It Development Kit


Scale-It is an easy-to-use development platform designed and developed by Future Electronics' System Design Center. The Scale-It board can measure weight up to 100g and show results on an OLED display. An ambient light & proximity sensor (ISL29030A) detects objects on the scale to wake up the processor.


Parts included:

  • Renesas RX23E-A MCU

  • Renesas Humidity and TemperatureSensor

  • CUI Devices USB Cable

  • CUI Inc AC/DC Wall Mount Adapter 5V 3W

  • TE Connectivity Pin Terminal Block Connectors

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Future Electronics Compagno Development Board


This multi-sensor wireless edge node evaluation board was designed to work with the STMicroelectronics STWIN SensorTile development kit to enable easy integration of external sensors and to simplify design and prototyping for industrial IoT applications.


Parts included:

  • Multi-sensing platform:
    • CO2 Sensor
    • VOC Sensor
    • Particulate Matter Sensor
    • Temperature Grid Sensor
  • Wireless connectivity:
    • CAT1 Cellular Modem (optional)
    • NFC
  • GNSS Module with Antenna

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Future Electronics Avalanche Development Kit


Future Electronics Avalanche Board is the best development board option for Microchip PolarFire FPGAs, enabling engineers to implement virtually any design they can imagine thanks to an abundance of peripherals that can be connected.


Parts included:

  • Panasonic PAN9420 WiFi Module

  • Microchip 64Mb of Serial Flash

  • Alliance 4Gb DDR3 Synchronous DRAM

  • Microchip VSC8531 Gigabit Ethernet PHY

  • Embedded FlashPro5


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Future Electronics GoodLock Development Board


Featuring advanced features, robust hardware, on-board debugger/programmer, this cost-effective platform is built to add security to your design project, of utmost importance in today’s day and age.


Parts included:

  • SAML11 Secure low-power 32-bit MCU

  • ATECC608A-TFLXTLS Cryptographic co-processor

  • MCP1642D-ADJ PWM boost regulator

  • MCP6C02 High-side current sense amplifier

  • MCP73871 USB/AC battery charger with Power Path Management

  • MCP3421 Single channel low-noise, high accuracy delta-sigma A/D

  • MIC5504-3.3 Single 300mA LDO

  • AT32UC3A Debugger/programmer, low power 32-bit AVR32 UC RISC-based MCU

*Battery sold separately. Orderable part numbers:



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Future Electronics Maple Candy Board


This board demonstrates Renesas’ analog and power capability using their RL78 MCU to create this multiple applications platform to reduce time to market for engineers.


Parts included:

  • Low Power Op Amp

  • RL78 MCU

  • PMIC Linear Regulator

  • PMIC Boost Converter

  • Bluetooth Module

  • PMIC Boost Regulator

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Future Electronics 8 Ball Development Board


Microchip’s MPLAB ecosystem, a dominant architecture in the world of embedded design, completes the ease of developing with our 8 Ball development board, allowing designers to bring their ideas to life.


Parts included:

  • PIC16F18446 Curiosity Nano Board

  • MCP16251/2 synchronous step-up DC-DC converter

  • MCP1812 300mA LDO linear regulator

  • AT30TSE754A temperature sensor

  • E92VP Energizer battery AAA Alka-Zinc Manganese Dioxide 1.5V

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Future Electronics OSSO Development Board


The trio of Future Electronics, STMicroelectronics and Melexis team up for this animal tracking device, featuring superior and reliable positioning accuracy so that you can spend less time roaming the neighbourhood locating your pet.


Parts included:

  • GNSS/GPS module: Tesseo-LIV3F

  • Bluetooth low energy 5.0 IC: BlueNRG-2

  • Balun: BALF-NRG-02D3

  • Synchronous rectifier step-up converter: L6920DB

  • LDO: LDS3985

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Future Electronics STidget Development Board


Through the STM32 Open Development Environment by STMicroelectronics, this board helps unleash your next idea with a myriad of parts for prototyping, generating, initializing and debugging.


Parts included:

  • Ultra Low Power MCU: STM32L051K6U6

  • Gyro/Accelerometer MEMS Module: LSM6DS3TR

  • Light/Proximity Sensor: VL6180XV0NR/1

  • Bluetooth Module: SPBTLE-RF

  • Temperature Sensor: STTS2004B2DN3F

  • LDO regulator: LDK320AM30R

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Future Electronics Puzzle Keychain Development Board


This board showcases the simplicity of NXP’s LPC8N04 MCU, a cost-effective solution for embedded applications in need of NFC connectivity. Packed with embedded functions in a small package, it includes several key features and peripherals for industry-leading performance.


Parts included:

  • Adesto® AT25SF041 serial interface Flash memory device

  • IDT (HS3003) relative humidity and temperature sensor

  • MMA8652FC NXP 3-Axis Accelerometer

  • NFC Antenna

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Future Electronics Creative Development Board


The Future Electronics designed Creative Development Board offers the lowest cost of entry for both software and hardware engineers looking to evaluate and implement their own unique designs.


Parts included:

  • Microchip IGLOO2 FPGA (M2GL025) or SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA (M2S025)

  • Microchip’s LX series power devices (LX7167)

  • 32M x 16 bit DDR2 SDRAM

  • Microchip 64Mbit serial flash SST26VF064B-104I/SM

  • Microchip 16/24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D Converter MCP3903-E/SS

  • On-board FTDI USB-JTAG adaptor

  • Arduino™ compatible expansion headers

  • MikroBUS™ compatible expansion headers

  • PMOD™ compatible expansion connector

  • Users buttons and LED

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Dev Tools – Hardware

Types of Interface Development Tools

There are many different kinds of interface development tools and at Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types categorized by Type, Packaging type and Core Supported. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.

Interface Development Tools from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full selection of interface development tools when looking for an application development tool, user interface development tool or for any interface building tools. Simply choose from the interface development tool technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed to match your specific interface development tool application needs.

Applications for Interface Development Tools:

Interface development tools can be used for:

  • Portable appliances
  • External converters
  • Battery operated devices
  • Cellular data devices
  • Factory automation process controls
  • Industrial applications
  • Video distribution systems
  • Motion control
  • Security cameras

In addition, Future Electronics offers clients a unique bonded inventory program that is designed to eliminate potential problems that may arise from an unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and products with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.