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MEAN WELL XLG-100 Series LED Drivers

A new era to meet the growing demands of the lighting industry

The MEAN WELL XLG-100 Series represents a new era of LED drivers, designed to meet the growing demands of the lighting industry. With cutting-edge features, superior performance, and unparalleled reliability, these drivers are the ideal choice for a wide range of lighting applications.

Featuring constant power mode, the XLG-100 Series is a 100W LED AC/DC driver operating from 100~305 VAC and offering models with carious rated current ranging between 700 mA and 8000 mA. With high efficiency up to 92% thanks to the fanless design, the XLG-100 series by MEAN WELL is able to operate for 40°C ~ +90°C case temperature under free air convection.

The innovative environment-friendly capability allows this series to reliably light on the LEDs for all kinds of application environments in almost and area in which LED luminaires are installed. The XLG-100 series complies with the latest version of IEC61347/GB19510.1 and UL8750 international safety regulations.


  • Wide input range 100~305 VAC (Class I)
  • Full power output at 70~100% Constant power mode operation
  • Metal case with IP67 suitable for outdoor environments
  • Surge protection
  • 3 in 1 dimming function (Dim to off and Isolation design)
  • India (EESL) version with Input Over Voltage Protection
  • Protection functionality: OVP/SCP/OCP/OTP
  • Complies with UL Class P


  • Skyscraper lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Flood lights
  • Stage lighting
  • Fishing lighting
  • Horticulture
  • Bay lights
  • DMS power supply

The metal housing design and IP67 ingress protection level allows the LED drivers to fit both indoor and outdoor applications.


XLG Series Benefits

Compact size

Miniaturized design is a feature of the MEAN WELL XLG series. The entire series of LED drivers adopts a double-sided PCB layout design, which can reduce the power supply size and provide better product reliability. The compact size is also convenient for customers to use with various luminaire designs.

Constant power mode design

The XLG series provides a complete range of wattage from 20 to 320W, which allows customers to extend their design of the same series of luminaires.

The constant power design can provide a wider range of current, and the XLG Series’ output current range can be adjusted from 70~100% of the full load operating, reducing customer modifications and inventory issues.

Dimming circuit with isolation design

The full range of designs in the XLG series by MEAN WELL conforms to the latest safety regulations, and the output and dimming circuits are isolated to ensure the safety of users. In addition, the XLG series provides complete international certification, 3-in-1 and DALI-2 dimming functions, which are convenient for customers marketing and selling their luminaires globally.