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High-Speed Isolated Integrated Hall Current Sensor

MLX91220 & MLX91221

The MLX91220 series defines Melexis’ next-generation high-speed isolated integrated current sensor. The Hall-effect based current sensors are qualified for use in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications, such as on-board chargers (OBC), DC/DC converters, power supplies, and small electric drives.

By combining sensing elements, signal conditioning and voltage isolation into a small footprint surface mount package, it is de facto the easiest all-in-one integrated current sensor. Two package variants are offered, with different creepage and clearance and rated isolation voltages.

With 300 kHz bandwidth, the MLX91220 and MLX91221 suit a variety of power conversion applications supporting current measurements lower than 50 A. The sensor is robust against shorter transients beyond 50 A.

The MLX91220 and MLX91221 differ only in the supply voltage at which they operate:

  • MLX91220: operates on 5 V supply
  • MLX91221: operates on 3.3 V supply

Isolated Integrated Current Sensor IC

For AC & DC Current Mesurement up to 50A


Melexis — MLX91220/21 Current Monitoring Sensor Diagram


  • Factory trimmed AC and DC current sensor
  • Analog ratiometric or fixed output voltage
  • Combining sensing element, signal conditioning & isolation in a miniature surface mount package
  • No application programming required
  • High speed sensing
    • DC to 300kHz bandwidth
    • 2μs response time
  • Robust against external magnetic fields
  • No magnetic hysteresis
  • Double overcurrent detection (SOIC-16)
  • Low ohmic losses of integrated conductor
    • 0.9mΩ SOIC-8
    • 0.75mΩ SOIC-16
  • RoHS compliant packages
  • SOIC-8 narrow body
    • SOIC-16 wide
  • Lead free component, suitable for lead free soldering profile up to 260°C, MSL3
  • Rated voltage isolation as per IEC/UL 62368-1:2014
    • 2.4 kV RMS for SOIC-8
    • 4.8 kV RMS for SOIC-16
  • AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
  • Automotive
    • OBC (On Board Charger)
    • DCDC converter high side
    • PTC heater
    • E-compressor
    • EESM (Electrically Excited Synchronous Motor) low rotor current
  • Industrial
    • Small electric drives and HVAC compressor
    • Power supplies (Uninterrupted or Switch mode)
    • Solar (Input current and Maximum Power Point Tracking)
    • White goods and demand/load control
    • EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) such as emmergency charging cables, AC chargers, DC fast chargers


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