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Microchip LX34050 Inductive Position Sensor IC

High Speed Inductive Position Sensor IC with SIN/COS Outputs

The Microchip LX34050 Inductive Position Sensor IC is an integrated programmable data conversion IC designed for interfacing to and managing printed circuit board (PCB) based inductive position sensors.

The LX34050 sensors itself is just a PCB, with primary and secondary windings placed to detect the movement of a metal target. The position sensor IC includes an integrated oscillator circuit for driving the primary coil of an inductive sensor, along with two independent analog conversion paths for conditioning, converting, and processing of two analog signals from the secondary coils of the sensor. Each path includes an EMI filter, de-modulator, and programmable amplifier.

Great for embedded applications, the LX34050 output interface includes two single ended Sin(x) and Cos(x) signals that change as the metal target is moved over the sensor. The position of the target is then calculated by using the ratio of these signals.

The propagation delay and bandwidth of the analog paths have been optimized for high speed automotive, industrial and medical sensor applications. The LX34050 is specified over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C (Automotive Grade 0) and contains a 32-BIT Cortus APS1 MCU for fault detection and system monitoring.

Inductive Position Sensors

Inductive position sensors are ideal replacements for magnet based position and speed sensors (i.e Hall Effect Sensors), optical encoders, and Magnetic resolvers. They excel with improved accuracy, magnetic noise immunity and don't require a magnet as a target.


  • -40°C to 150°C operation
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Certification
  • ISO26262 ASIL B support
  • Built-in oscillator for driving primary coil
  • Two independent analog channels with demodulation
  • Low temperature drift
  • Excellent long term stability


LXM9518 - Programmer for Inductive Position Sensor

The programmer provides simple interface between the evaluation board and the laptop, together with the Integrated Programming and Calibration Environment (IPCE) GUI, it allows data capturing, measuring and auto calibration of the device. Some key features of the IPCE are:

  • Simplified Sensor System Calibration and Testing
  • Programs EEPROM
  • Simulates Position Output
  • Auto Calibration
  • Stand Alone TCP/IP Addressable Software for Production


LXE3301AL003 - LX3301A 100mm Linear Inductive Position Sensor Evaluation Board

This LXE3301AL003 is the first step to using an Inductive Position sensor in your application. Each sensor PCB comes with LX3301A IC and passive components installed, along with a connector and cable for interface to our IPCE programmer. All you need is to power it up to get readings.



Maximize the Accuracy of your Inductive Position Sensors with Microchips