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Microchip MPLAB® Machine Learning Development Suite

Take advantage of this fully-integrated solution

Microchip features the MPLAB® Machine Learning Development Suite Model Builder, a plug-in for MPLAB X IDE that builds optimized Artificial Intelligence (AI) IoT sensor recognition code for Microchip MCUs and MPUs.

The plug-in fully automates each step of the AI and Machine Learning (ML) workflows using a growing library of advanced ML and AI algorithms that learn from raw data in the development phase.

This unique solution is the first to support 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs and 32-MPUs for ML at the edge.


  • Create compact supervised and anomaly-detection algorithms that can run on tiny edges for MCUs and MPUs
  • Automate each step of the ML flow process, including data preparation, feature extraction, training, validation and conversion of the optimized model to relevant firmware
  • Easily label and filter data
  • Create ML pipelines that are ready for production
  • Generate AutoML-powered code to create a prototype in just days or weeks
  • Fine-tune every aspect of your algorithm with AI/ML features that cater to advanced ML developers
  • Take advantage of production-grade firmware for 8-, 16- and 32-bit XC compilers