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Murata Type 1SE Cellular Module

Featuring Truphone eSIM technology

The Murata Type 1SE is a highly integrated (MCU, eSIM and LTE-M/NB1 modem), certified end device with antenna connection for ease of integration with several different types of applications. The Type 1SE (LBAD0ZZ1SE) module is a Cat. M1/NB-IoT module which meets the certification standards in Japan and supports Truphone eSIM technology.

Typical applications for this module includes smart metering, wearables, tracking, M2M and internet of things (IoT) edge nodes accommodating a wide range of temperature ranges.

Block Diagram


Featuring Truphone

With Truphone, your IoT devices can be updated and connected remotely and at scale allowing you to deploy and manage connectivity for thousands of devices at the touch of a button.