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Panasonic PAN1740A Series Bluetooth 5® Low Energy RF Module

Next-generation, optimized Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy RF Module

The Panasonic PAN1740A Series is a RF Module offering a reduced boot time and supporting up to eight (8) connections to allow greater flexibility to create more advanced applications. The PAN1740A is an optimized version of Panasonic's existing PAN1740 Series Module.

Featuring a fully integrated radio transceiver and baseband processor for Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy, the PAN1740A Series can be used as a standalone application processor or as a data pump in hosted systems.

This radio-frequency module is also optimized for remote control units (RCU) requiring support for voice commands and motion/gesture recognition. Its integrated Audio Unit (AU) offers easy interface for MEMS microphones over PDM, external codecs over PCM/I2S and a Sample Rate Converter unit.


The Bluetooth Low Energy firmware includes the L2CAP service layer protocols, Security Manager (SM), Attribute Protocol (ATT), the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) and the Generic Access Profile (GAP). All profiles published by the Bluetooth SIG as well as custom profiles are supported. The transceiver interfaces directly to the antenna and is fully compliant with the Bluetooth 5.0 Standard.

The PAN1740A Series has dedicated hardware for the Link Layer implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy and interface controllers for enhanced connectivity capabilities.

General Features and Benefits

  • Pre-Programmed BT/MAC Address
  • Includes 16 MHz And 32 768 kHz Crystal Calibrated Up To 1 PPM
  • Single-Mode Bluetooth 5.0 System-On-Chip
  • Programmable ARM CORTEX M0 CPU
  • Autonomous BTLE Stand-Alone Operation
  • Bluetooth v5.0 Embedded GATT– Low Energy Single Mode
  • Small 9.0 mm x 9.5 mm x 1.8 mm SMD Package With Antenna
  • Less Than A Few μA In Low Power Modes
  • Integrated Shielding To Resist EMI
  • No External Components Needed

Block Diagram

Panasonic PAN1740A Series Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy RF Module


PAN1740A Evaluation Kit


The PAN1740A Evaluation kits (ENW89852AWKF) are provided in easy-to-use USB dongle form which are intended to enable users to quickly integrate Panasonic’s NEW PAN1740A Series RF Module into their device.

Panasonic PAN1740A Evaluation kits (ENW89852AWKF)