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Renesas PTX105R NFC Controller

An industry-first for IoT

The PTX105R by Renesas is an ideal NFC solution for small form factor IoT applications. Featuring high-sensitivity, accurate digital wave shaping, and a reduced BOM compared to conventional square-wave NFC controllers, this solution enables optimal interoperability, simplified FCC certification and faster NFC forum compliance.

Due to its modular Soft Controller architecture, the NFC functionalities are integrated into a split stack solution where time-critical operations are running on the on-chip MCU, and the rest of the NFC logic is in the host controller to carry out applications such as IOT reader and POS.


  • Output power up to 1W @5V
  • Very high Receiver sensitivity (-80dBc)
  • Sine Wave output
  • Accurate Digital Wave Shaping
  • Removal of second resonating structure introduced by EMI
  • DiRAC: Direct antenna connection
  • NFC Split Stack handling Time critical commands
  • Less packet exchanged between NFC and MCU
  • Customer accessible GPIOs


  • Smart IoT Air Purifier
  • Currency Counter With Counterfeit Detection
  • Personal Safety Tracker
  • Smart Lock with Super Low Power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Green 3-Phase Smart Energy Meter
  • IoT Communications Gateway Hub
  • 1-Phase Power Meter
  • Elevator Control System
  • Smart NFC Access Control System
  • Off-road GPS Guidance System
  • Mid-power universal multi-market reader solutions