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STMicroelectronics STSPIN32G4 Motor Controller

Embeds a triple half-bridge gate driver for power MOSFETs

The STSPIN32G4 by STMicroelectronics is an extremely integrated and flexible motor controller for driving 3-phase brushless motors, helping designers to choose the most suitable driving mode and reduce PCB area and overall Bill Of Materials. It embeds a triple half-bridge gate driver able to drive power MOSFETs with a current capability of 1 A (sink and source).

Three bootstrap diodes are embedded as well. The high- and low-side switches of the same half-bridge cannot be simultaneously driven high thanks to an integrated interlocking function. An additional protection feature is represented by hardware VDS monitoring circuitry that constantly monitors each of the six external MOSFETs and in case an overvoltage is detected across one of them, switches off all gate driver outputs.

The overvoltage threshold is set through a dedicated SCREF pin. The STSPIN32G4 is fully self-supplied thanks to an integrated flexible power management structure able to generate all required supplies starting from the motor supply voltage, VM; the only one to be provided from outside. An embedded programmable buck regulator, with embedded power MOSFET, generates the supply voltage for the gate drivers starting from the motor supply voltage VM.

Four different VCC output values can be selected through a dedicated configuration register, 8 V (default value), 10 V, 12 V and 15 V.


  • Motor supply voltage from 5.5 V to 75 V
  • Three-phase gate drivers:
    • 1 A sink/source current capability
    • VDS monitoring of the power stage MOSFETs
    • Integrated bootstrap diodes
    • I2C accessible configuration and status registers for best application fit
    • Cross-conduction prevention
  • Self-supplied thanks to embedded flexible power management
    • VCC buck converter up to 200 mA, with programmable output and embedded MOSFET
    • 3.3 V LDO linear regulator up to 150 mA
    • Low quiescent linear regulator for MCU supply during standby
  • Full set of protection features: thermal shutdown, short-circuit, overload and UVLO
  • Possibility to control 2 motors simultaneously from the same MCU
  • Standby mode for reduced power consumption
  • On-chip debug support via SWD or JTAG
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to +125°C


  • STM32G431 microcontroller with 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU+FPU core:
    • Up to 170 MHz clock frequency
    • CORDIC mathematical hardware accelerator for trigonometric functions
    • 128 kB Flash memory with proprietary code readout protection (PCROP), securable memory area, 1 kB OTP
    • 32 kB SRAM memory with HW parity check
    • 2 x advanced times for motor control, 16-bit with up to 6 x PWM channels
    • 8 x general purpose timers
    • 2 x ADCs 12-bit resolution (up to 19 channels) with 4 Msps conversion rate
    • 4 x 12-bit DAC channels
    • 4 x ultra-fast rail-to-rail comparators
    • 3 x rail-to-rail operational amplifiers usable also in PGA mode
    • Internal high precision voltage reference
    • Up to 40 GPIOs
    • Full set of interfaces: I2C, SPI, UART and CAN