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Vishay — HV-IBSS-USB Reference Design




Vishay HV-IBSS-USB Reference Design

Evaluation of your design, simplified

The Vishay HV-IBSS-USB reference design makes for easy evaluation of their low TCR shunt, WSBE8518. This design uses a single USB-C connector to provide power to the circuit and to emulate a serial interface so the user can conveniently read voltage, current, and temperature readings.

Due to the low TCR of the WSBE8518 (max. ± 10 ppm/K for 100 μΩ), alongside the choice of low thermal drift components in the analog frontend, this reference design is able to achieve an overall TCR of approx. 44 ppm/K max., without thermal compensation, over the whole automotive temperature range. The device is factory-calibrated (values stored in onboard EEprom) to allow for current measurements with 0.2 % accuracy and thermal drift for currents in the range of ± 500 A (1).


See the reference design »


  • USB-C connections for power and data
  • With terminal emulation suited for a widevariety of operating systems
  • Easy to connect to busbar and lugs via M6 screws


  • Factory two-point current calibration: < 0.2 %
  • Max. 10 ppm/K drift due to shunt
  • Approx. max. 34 ppm/K drift due to AFE and ADC


Functional Block Diagram

Functional Block Diagram

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