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Würth Elektronik WE-PSPA Push Pull & Gate Drive Transformer

Featuring wide operating temperatures and output voltage for a variety of environments

The Würth Elektronik WE-PSPA is a small sized power transformer specially designed for Push-Pull and Gate Drive applications.

It is important to note the product of time and voltage until the core reaches saturation. This is one of the parameters of the Push-Pull and Gate Drive Transformer. A voltage-time product (volt-second) is calculated from the inductance (L) and the saturation current (Isat). To ensure sufficient volt-seconds are available, the frequency and pulse bandwidth of your application should be checked before selecting a transformer. Because of its automated manufacturing process, the WE-PSPA transformers by Würth Elektronik are fully reliable for automotive applications.

Key Benefits

  • Space reduction due to its low profile
  • Suitable for a great variety of applications thanks to its different turn ratios
  • Perfectly reliable for automotive applications because of its automated manufacturing process


  • Surface mount
  • AEC-Q200
  • Variety of turn ratios
  • Output voltages from 5 V up to 23 V
  • Operating temperature:-40 °C up to +125 ºC
  • Automotive approved


  • Gate drive transformator
  • Transformator for push pull DC/DC converter
  • Isolated interfaces RS 485, CAN

An important parameter of the Push Pull and Gate Drive Transformer is the product of time and voltage, until the core saturates. The voltage-time product V- t (unit: volt-second) is calculated of the inductance L and the saturation current Isat. When selecting a transformer, you should ensure, that enough volt-seconds are available, depending on the frequency and pulse bandwidth of the application.


WE-PSPA Part Numbers


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