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Whether an application requires integrated cloud connectivity capabilities, or the ability to enable display as well as power delivery via the same connector, Cypress is the partner of choice for companies everywhere needing to integrate robust, reliable, and easy-to-use wired and/or wireless connectivity into their next product. Cypress has a best-in-class portfolio of USB controllers as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo radios.




Cypress USB Connectivity Portfolio

Cypress has been “Making USB Universal®” since 1996, being the market leader and surpassing 2.2 billion units shipped in 2018. Cypress provides software, reference designs, and driver suites to enable developers with the industry’s most complete USB portfolio.


Featured USB Solutions

EZ-PD™ Barrel Connecter Replacement (BCR) Power your next product with any USB-C Power Adapter.

Cypress Product Offering Overview
USB-C Full portfolio of USB-C & PD Controllers (applies to any USB speed) for auto, notebooks, chargers, cables, power banks, power adapters etc.
USB 3.1 Full portfolio of Device (FX3), Hub (HX3), Bridge (CX3 & GX3), and Storage (FX3S & SD3) controllers in production.
USB 2.0 Full portfolio of Device (FX2), Hub (HX2), Bridge (CX3 & GX3), and Storage Arroyo/Astoria/Bay) controllers.
USB 1.1 Full portfolio of Device, Bridge, and Host controllers in production (legacy)




Cypress Wireless Connectivity Portfolio

Cypress provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth radios with the largest worldwide install base maximizing interoperability. Cypress guarantees the best range and throughput through world class RF performance in transmit power and receive sensitivity. Cypress is simply the ideal partner of choice for IoT developers enabling wireless connectivity in their next design.

Cypress Product Offering Overview
Bluetooth Industry’s broadest Bluetooth portfolio consisting of BLE-only devices as well as Dual-Mode Bluetooth solutions supporting Bluetooth Classic (BCR/EDR) as well as BLE. Cypress also designs in-house, fully certified Bluetooth Modules.
Wi-Fi Cypress provides a broad portfolio of Wi-Fi only radios and SoCs, with support ranging from 802.11b/g/n to the industry-leading 802.11ac. Cypress’ global network of IoT partners provide production-ready, fully certified Wi-Fi modules.
Wi-Fi + BT Cypress offers robust single-chip solutions supporting both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with both 802.11n and 802.11ac + BT options. Cypress’ global network of IoT partners provide production-ready, fully certified Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo modules.


Featured Bluetooth Solutions

Best-in-class Bluetooth Mesh Complete solution with hardware, software, and mobile apps hardware, software, and mobile apps.


Featured Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi/BT Combo Solutions

Market Proven Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Connectivity Easily implement small form factor, low-cost Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.

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