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Only online tool that generates an entire lighting system solution (light source, optics, driver, connector, thermal management) to meet flux, efficacy and L70 lumen maintenance targets.

LSC v1.2 Enhancements Include:
  • The LSC will optimize the temperature and current to minimize the LED count and suggest the most cost effective approach to meet target specifications using LEDs, COBs, and even modules and integrated light engines.
  • In cases where the user wishes to consider one specific type of light source for the application, the user can now specifically select their preference versus being presented with all possible technical solutions.
  • The LSC now also includes light sources that do not yet have an available LM-80 report. This now enables users to review recently released products for design consideration in to their fixtures.
  • The tool also includes an automatic offset that incorporates the efficiency impact of the integrated driver and/or integrated optic for modules and light engines when applicable.


Lighting System Creator v2 800px.png