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Future Electronics


Fiore Demonstration Kit 

Fiore is an IoT irrigation demonstration kit designed by Future Electronics in partnership with ST Micro. The Fiore platform consists of two boards with all key components like MCUs, sensors, power and wireless communication devices manufactured by ST Micro.

The Main Board (watering can board) senses the soil moisture levels and automatically communicates with the Companion Board (flower board) which controls a submersible water pump to start and stop watering the plant. The Companion Board also contains motor current monitoring, tank water level monitoring and leak detection functions.

User can wirelessly access the system via Bluetooth to get real time sensor data including humidity, temperature and pressure.


Main Board

  • Embedded Wireless MCU (STM32WB5) supports Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.3 and IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocols, Zigbee®, and Thread
  • Soil moisture monitoring (TSZ121)
  • Gesture detection and light control with ToF sensor (VL6180X)
  • Temperature sensor (STTS22H)
  • NFC interface (ST25DV04KC) for BLE configuration
  • Low power LDO (LDFMPUR)


Companion Board

  • Low cost, low power MCU (STM32C0)
  • Water level monitoring with ToF sensor (VL53L4CD)
  • Pump pressure monitoring and water leak detection with pressure sensor (ILPS28QSWTR)
  • Water pump current monitoring with current sensor (TSC2011)
  • Low power LDO (LD59030)


  • Industrial IoT
  • Smart Farming


  • Smart Home
  • Horticulture


DA14695MOD Block Diagram