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At Future Electronics we go to great lengths to make sure your information is secure, protected and can’t be accessed by anyone other than you.

Our password rules:

• We require users to use a mix of letters, numbers and Caps in your password. This makes it harder for someone to guess your password.
• Password is case sensitive. Must be at least 6 characters in length and contain at least one upper-case character and one digit.

A few tips to keep your account safe:

• Use unique password for each of your important accounts. Re-using passwords in risky.
• Keep your password secure. Don’t leave notes with your passwords on your computer or desk, were people can easily steal them and use them to compromise your accounts.
• If you chose to save passwords in a file on your computer, create a name for the file that won’t give it away.
• If you have a difficult time remembering multiple passwords, use a trusted password manager.