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PSK-S25B (PSK-S60B) Series: 25 W (60 W), Single Output, Encapsulated, Board Mount, Ac-Dc Power Supply

The PSK-S25B (PSK-S60B) series is a family of encapsulated ac-dc power supplies housed in a compact, board mount package. Outputting 25 W (60 W) of continuous power, these single output, encapsulated modules feature 3 kVac isolation and a wide operating temperature range from -30 to 70°C, making them ideal for space-constrained, low power ITE, industrial, and consumer electronic applications. The PSK-S25B (PSK-S60B) series offers an optional Power Boost feature, which can double the rated current in order to support large transient loads, allowing you to design for nominal rather than peak power.

  • CISPR32 EN 55032 Class B compliant
  • UL/EN/IEC 62368 certified
  • Over voltage and short circuit protections
  • Class II construction
  • Designed to meet EN/IEC 60335 (PSK-S25B series only)
  • No-load power consumption < 0.1 W (PSK-S25B series only)
  • Input Voltage (Vac): 90 ~ 264
  • Package Type: Encapsulated
  • Mounting Style: PCB
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 53.1 x 30.3 x 24.8 (PSK-S25B Series)
  • Dimensions LxWxH (in): 2.09 x 1.19 x 0.98 (PSK-S25B Series)
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 54.25 x 54.25 x 35.8 (PSK-S60B Series)
  • Dimensions LxWxH (in): 2.09 x 1.19 x 0.98 (PSK-S60B Series)
  • Power Boost (supports transient loads up to 2x rated current)