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Infineon WLC1115 Wireless Charging ICs

Highly integrated with advanced customizability options, 15 W transmitter, integrated USB-PD and more

Infineon’s WLC1115 is a highly integrated wireless charging transmitter IC that includes USB-PD/PPS sink, DC/DC controller, a full bridge inverter, sensing peripherals, configurable memory and software that supports Qi v1.3.x and proprietary charging protocols.

Infineon’s wireless charging controllers (WLC) offer highly integrated yet scalable platforms that help to meet compliance and proprietary charging requirements with configurable software.

WLC1115 Block Diagram

Infineon — WLC1115 Block diagram


  • Qi v1.3.2 EPP transmitter
  • Integrated USB-PD / PPS controller
  • Integrated buck for voltage control
  • Integrated gate drivers
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) using Q - factor, resonant frequen-cy, and power loss methods
  • Multipath ASK demodulation
  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V - 24 V
  • Communication ports: I2C, UART
  • Temperature range: -40 ° C - 105 ° C

Competitive Advantages

  • Highly integrated
  • Low - cost 15 W wireless charging transmitter IC for various applications
  • Includes USB-PD / PPS sink, DC/DC controller, a full bridge inverter, sensing peripherals, configurable memory and soft-ware
  • Supports Qi v1.3.x and proprietary charging protocols
  • Combined with Infineon’s USB-C charger solutions, MOSFETs and OPTIGA™ Trust Charge the WLC1115 solution offers a complete product package that can help meet stringent regulatory, compliance requirements


  • Single-Chip 15 W transmitter
  • Adaptive Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Adjustable protection – OVP, OCP, OTP
  • Configurable software supported

Target Applications

  • Smartphones
  • Smart speakers
  • Docking station
  • Monitor stand
  • Power bank
  • Furniture integrated
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Aftermarket auto accessory


Infineon REFWLCTX15WC1 Evaluation Board

The REF_WLC_TX15W_C1 MP A11 Power Transmitter solution board, is highly integrated, Qi v1.3.2 compliant Extended Power Profile (EPP) transmitter design. It also supports Basic Power Profile (BPP) with Proprietary Power Delivery Extensions.

This reference board is powered using USB PD 3.0-compliant USB-C power adapter and can support DC connector input of 9 V - 20 V through firmware option. Combined with the OptiMOS™ power devices and OPTIGA™ Trust Charge, this solution offers highly efficient and secure wireless charging platform.

The solution board supports firmware upgrades using USB-C or I2C interface along with the included Dongle and the Wireless Charging Configuration Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are additional options provided for firmware updates using Serial Wire Debug (SWD) while using the Modus Tool Box and Programmer.

Infineon — REFWLCTX15WC1 Evaluation Board

REFWLCTX15WC1 Evaluation Board User Guide

List of Components:

  • Wireless Charging IC – WLC1115-68LQXQ
  • OptiMOS™ MOSFETs - BSZ0910LS
  • OPTIGA™ Trust Charge – SLS32AIA020Ux
  • Small Signal Power MOSFET - BSS138N (Optional feature for power saving while using external clock)