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Laird Connectivity


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BL653μ Series Bluetooth 5.1 + 802.15.4 + NFC Modules

Ultra-Compact and Highly Flexible

Laird Connectivity’s BL653μ Series modules bring reliable, high-quality Bluetooth 5.1 to their smallest form factor ever. With an optional chip antenna or antenna trace pin, they provide multiple ways to connect and develop at an incredibly small size.

  • Chip Antenna (453-00059) - 6.3 x 8.6 x 1.6 mm
  • Trace Pin (453-00060) - 6.3 x 5.6 x 1.6 mm

Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity for the IoT - Just a Fraction of the Size

Laird Connectivity’s latest range of Nordic nRF52833 based modules specifically targets OEMs where space is constrained in their designs. Yet still the miniaturized BL653μ series enables Industrial OEMs to robustly implement longer range Bluetooth LE applications in the harshest operating environments. This series of secure, low power microcontroller modules with multi wireless capabilities is the future of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, as small as 6.3 x 5.6 mm.

Powered by Nordic’s nRF52833 WLCSP silicon, the small form factor BL653μ modules provide for secure, robust Bluetooth Low Energy and a Cortex -M4F CPU for any OEM’s product design. The BL653μ provides you with maximum development flexibility with programming options for the Nordic SDK or Zephyr RTOS, a simple, intuitive AT command set, as well as Laird Connectivity’s own smartBASIC environment.

The BL653μ series brings out key nRF52833 hardware features and capabilities including USB access, up to +8 dBm transmit power, up to 5.5V supply considerations, and NFC tag (type 2 / 4) implementation. Complete regulatory certifications enable faster time to market and reduced development risk completes Laird Connectivity’s simplification of your next small form factor Bluetooth design!

BL653μ Specifications

Bluetooth Version Chipset (Wireless) Antenna Options
5.1 Nordic nRF52833 WLCSP Chip Antenna (453-00059) Trace Pin (453-00060)

Certifications FCC/IC/CE/MIC/RCM - All BL653μ
Data Rate 1 MBps, 2 Mbps, 125 Kbps
Development Tools UwTerminal X and UWFlashX (multi-platform)
Nordic nRFConnect (Android/iOS Application)
Dimensions 6.3 x 8.6 x 1.6 mm (Integrated Antenna Module)
6.3 x 5.6 x 1.6 mm (Trace Pad Module)
Firmware Upgrade Via UART or JTAG (SWD)
Frequency Range 2.402 MHz - 2.480 MHz
Interfaces UART, GPIO, ADC, PWM, PDM, FREQ output, I2C, SPI, NFC, USB
Link Budget 103 dB (@ LE 1 MBps)
111 dB (@ LE 125 Kbps)
Power Consumption Max Peak Radio Current (@ +8 dBm TX) - 14.1 mA (DCDC at 3V)
Max Peak Radio Current (@0 dBm TX) - 4.9 mA (DCDC at 3V)
Receive Sensitivity -96 dBm (typical @ LE 1 Mbps)
-103 dBm (typical @ LE 125 Kbps)
Software smartBASIC, Zephyr RTOS, Nordic SDK, AT Command Set
Temperature Range -40° to +105° C
Thread Thread and Zigbee support via Nordic nRF Connect SDK
Thread supported via Zephyr RTOS
Transmit Power + 8 dBm
Voltage 1.7V - 5.5V


Laird Connectivity – BL653μ Series Block Diagram

Laird Connectivity – BL653μ Series Block Diagram

Certified Antennas

1. MAF94045 NanoBlue Embedded Antenna

Laird Connectivity – MAF94045 NanoBlue Embedded Antenna

MAF94045 NanoBlue Embedded Antenna 2400-2500 MHz. The evolution of technology has brought the need to communicate everywhere and at all times without being confined to one space. Laird internal wireless device antennas feature wide bandwidth to enhance the performance and application of portable wireless devices based on standards such as 802.11 and Bluetooth The antennas are specifically designed to be embedded inside devices for aesthetically pleasing integration with high durability.


VSWR - Max Frequency Range Gain
<2.5:1 2400 MHz - 2500 MHz 2 dBi

Dimensions (D x H x W) 0.81 mm x 44.45 mm x 12.7 mm
Impedance (Ohm) 50 ohms
Polarization Linear
Weight 2 g


2. FlexPIFA™ antennas (patented)

Laird Connectivity – FlexPIFA™ antennas (patented)

Laird Connectivity's FlexPIFA™ antennas (patented) are the industry's first flexible Planar Inverted-F Antennas (PIFA). The 2.4 GHz FlexPIFA™ is ideally suited for use with 2.4 GHz applications such as, Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth. The dual-band FlexPIFA™ is ideal for Wi-Fi applications across both bands, such as 802.11 'a'. Both the 2.4 GHz and dual-band 2.4/5.5 GHz FlexPIFA™ deliver strong performance in challenging environments, providing you unmatched flexibility to solve your real-world antenna design challenges.

The PIFA design provides consistent performance across a broad array of environments, enclosures, or even body-worn applications. With the ability to be flexed in either concave or convex directions, without sacrificing antenna performance, the small size and adhesive backing give further mounting flexibility within your product design.


Antenna Type Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA)
Antenna Type Flexible PIFA
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Operating Temp (°C) -40 °C - +85 °C
Weight 1.13 g


3. New: Dual-Band mFlexPIFA

Laird Connectivity – mFlexPIFA Antenna

Laird's mFlexPIFA™ antennas (patented) are the industry's first flexible Planar Inverted-F Antennas (PIFA). Both the 2.4 GHz and dual-band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz mFlexPIFA™ antennas are specifically designed for installation on curved or straight metal surfaces. They deliver strong performance in challenging environments, providing you unmatched flexibility to solve your real-world antenna design challenges.

  • Metal-mount design resists detuning for better performance
  • Small size and adhesive backing provide further mounting flexibility
  • Flexible in concave or convex directions
  • Suitable for plastic, metal, and even body-worn applications


Gain VSWR Frequency Range
5.8 3.0:1 2400 MHz - 5900 MHz

Antenna Type Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA)
Polarization Linear


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Now available: mFlexPIFA dual-band antenna