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Lattice Semiconductor


Lattice Semiconductor Avant™ FPGA Platform

Taking Low Power to New Heights, Lowest Power and Smallest Package, Industry Leading Reliability and Efficient Processing with Class Leading on Chip Memory

The Lattice Avant™ 16nm FinFET platform is the foundation for industry leading low-power and small form factor mid-range FPGA families. The platform features class leading 25 Gbps SERDES, hardened PCI Express and external memory PHY interfaces, and high DSP counts for the latest AI/ML and computer vision algorithms. The Avant platform offers best in class reliability and security to suit a wide range of applications.

With Avant, designers gain access to the same low power, density-optimized product concept they expect from Lattice, at a much higher capacity. The result is a device family with high-end features, but with midrange (and low-end) form factors and power levels.

Avant implements a range of high-bandwidth I/O standards, such as PCIe® Gen4, and LPDDR4 and DDR5, and provides ample DSP and workload acceleration horsepower. Supported clock rates range up to 350 MHz for the FPGA fabric and 625 MHz for embedded RAM blocks and DSP multiply/accumulate blocks. The devices are the industry’s smallest form factor FPGAs to offer 25 Gbps SERDES capability compared to similar class competitive devices.

Block Diagram

Lattice Semiconductor — Avant FPGA Platform Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Optimized for 200k to 500k LC
    • Up to 2.5X lower power than competition
  • Smallest density & form factor mid-range FPGA with 25 Gbps SERDES
    • Broad range of protocols and configurations
    • Hardened PCIe Gen 1/2/3/4
  • Industry leading memory support
    • DDR5, DDR4 & LPDDR4 up to 2400 Mbps
    • Hardened DFI (DDR PHY Interface) training layer
  • Best-in-Class Security and High Reliability
    • AES256-GCM, ECC & RSA
    • Anti-tamper and PUF / Unique ID
    • User data encryption
    • Soft-Error Correction and fastest Soft -Error Detection
  • Fast & Flexible Programmable I/O
  • 1.8 Gbps MIPI D-PHY, 1.6 Gbps LVDS
  • 3.3 V support


  • Networking Controllers
  • PLCs
  • Edge Computers
  • Machine Vision
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Automotive Networking
  • Software-defined Radio
  • General wireless Communications
  • Indoor 5G small cells
  • 5G Fronthaul applications


Avant-E Evaluation Board

Prototyping Board featuring Mid-range FPGA for Edge Applications

The Lattice Semiconductor Avant-E Evaluation Board allows designers to assist users with the rapid prototyping and testing of their specific designs. It provides access to all I/O and SERDES channels, as well as a wide range of memory options for faster prototyping and development.

The board features the Avant-E 500 LC FPGA in a 1156-ball fcBGA package (LAV-AT-500E-2LFG1156CAS) with on-board LPDDR4, majority of I/O bonded out to FMC, PMOD, SMA and other connectors available for user-defined applications that allows designers to investigate and experiment with the features of the Avant family.

Lattice Semiconductor — Avant-E Evaluation Board
Avant-E Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide

Kit Contents:

  • Avant-E Evaluation Board
  • 12 V AC/DC Adapter and International Plug Adapters
  • USB Cable for Programming vis PC (USB-A to Mini-B)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lattice Radiant software download information


Lattice Avant™ FPGA Platform Power Efficiency Demo