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NXP LPC551x/S1x Arm Cortex M33 32bit Microcontroller

The LPC551x/S1x MCU family expands the world’s first general purpose Cortex-M33 based MCU series, offering significant advantages for developers, including pin-, software- and peripheral-compatibility for ease of use and to help accelerate time to market, while leveraging the cost-effective 40-nm NVM process technology.

The LPC551x/S1x is the entry-level family within the LPC5500 MCU series, providing new levels of cost and performance efficiency in addition to advanced security and system integration for industrial, IoT and general embedded applications.

Main Features
  • Cortex-M33 up to 150 MHz, TrustZone-M, FPU and MPU
  • Up to 256 KB on-chip flash, up to 96 KB SRAM
  • Advanced Security: PRINCE module for real-time encryption, CASPER for hardware acceleration, AES-256, SHA2 module, SRAM PUF (LPC55S1x only)
  • Up to 9 FlexComm, USB HS, USB FS
  • CAN FD/CAN 2.0
  • 16-bit ADC, ACMP, Temp Sensor
  • 5 x 32-bit timers, SCTimer/PWM, RTC, MRT, WWDT
  • Programmable Logic Unit
  • Power-saving modes
  • 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Operating temperature range -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Available in HLQFP100, VFBGA98 and HTQFP64 packages
Value Proposition/ Key Features
  • Ultra-efficient 40-nm flash technology
    • Over 600 CoreMarks and as low as 32uA/MHz
  • System Integration for Industrial and IoT Markets
    • High-Precision ADCs
    • CAN-FD for industrial control
    • HS USB with On-Chip PHY
  • Enhanced safety and security with Arm TrustZone-M technology
  • Comprehensive enablement with MCUXpresso Ecosystem
Target Applications
  • Remote IO and Sensor Nodes
  • Elevators and Lifts
  • Smart Lighting and Utilities
  • Gaming and PC Peripherals
  • Vehicle/Asset Tracking Systems
  • Cordless Power Tools and Appliances
  • Secure/Biometric Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Nodes