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Melexis MLX90392 Compact, Low-voltage 3D Magnetometer

Especially designed for micropower cost-conscious applications

The MLX90392 is a monolithic sensor IC sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally and parallel to the IC surface. The device makes magnetic measurement along the 3 axis (X, Y being in a plane parallel to the surface of the die, Z being perpendicular to the surface). Those measurements and the IC temperature are converted into 16-bit words which are transferred upon request over I2C communication channel. The device transmits compensated raw measurement data.

Especially designed for low micropower applications, the MLX90392 features a power down current of 1.5uA, and operates on a 1.8V supply.

MLX90392 simplifies designs!

To begin with, it reduces bill-of-materials costs and saves PCB space. Measuring just 2 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.4 mm, the sensor features a UTDFN-8 ultra-thin flat no-lead 8-pin package to help designers tackle space-constrained applications. To continue, the MLX90392 internal parameter can be updated on the fly from the microcontroller I2C bus, thus eliminating the need for an extra pin. Simpler PCB can be achieved.

And finally, the MLX90392 comes pre-programmed, making it a plug & play solution to integrate.

The MLX90392 is available in 2 magnetic versions:

  • +/-5mT range for low-noise applications
  • +/-50mT range for position sensor applications

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for space constrained applications
    • UTDFN-8 package (JEDEC qualified) 2 x 2,5 x 0.4mm
  • Programmable parameters on the fly
  • Micropower
    • Power down current of 1.5uA
    • Supply voltage of 1.8V
  • Compatible with I2C 1MHz
  • Digital 16-bit Output for magnetic and temperature (XYZT)
  • Selectable modes
    • Single Measurement
    • Continuous Mode up to 1.4kHz (XYZ)
  • Triaxis® Hall technology for best-in-class in noise
    • 1 µTrms for the +/-5mT variant
    • 7 µTrms for the +/-50mT variant
  • Ambient temperature range from -40℃C to 85℃

Application Examples

  • Power tools - Screwdriver trigger
  • Home security- door window intrusion
  • Knobs for White goods
  • PC peripheral – Mouse roller
  • Gaming joystick
  • Anti-tamper for energy metering


MLX90392 3D Magnetometer Application Block Diagram

Melexis – MLX90392 3D Magnetometer Application Block Diagram


Evaluation Board for MLX90392

Melexis – EVB90392 Evaluation Board for MLX90392
Application Note for EVB90392

Features and Benefits:

  • Selectable XYZ magnetic field output and sensitivity
  • 1.8V supply (MLX90392)
  • I2C interface 1MHz
  • Low power sensor with configurable operating modes
  • Digital 16-bit Output for magnetic and temperature (XYZT)


The EVB90392 provides an easy way to connect the MLX90392 Triaxis® magnetic sensor IC to a microcontroller or measurement device. 2 variants are proposed:

Variant1: The EVB90392 as a breakout board:
This EVB90392 contains a single MLX90392 IC mounted in the middle of a 25mm x 35mm PCB, together with a 100nF decoupling capacitor. The four pins of the IC are directly routed to the 4-pin header. The necessary passive components are included to allow for interfacing via I2C. This version must be used with a 1.8V microcontroller (the MLX90392 operates at 1.8V)_

Variant2: The EVB90392 compatible with the magnetic development kit:
The development kit for magnetic sensors (or interface board) provides an easy way to connect the Melexis evaluation boards to various magnetic pieces like a knob. Additionally, the interface provides pin-outs to add an external LCD and Arduino or Mbed development board. This version can be used with microcontrollers operating at 1.8v but also other supply levels, using the parallel connectors_