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Microchip dsPIC33CK64MC105 Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Family

Recently-launched 100 MHz high-performance DSC

The Microchip dsPIC33CK64MC105 is a high-performance digital signal controller and part of the broader dsPIC33C DSC family. Loaded with key features such as high-speed ADC, op amps, comparators and high-resolution PWMs, the dsPIC33CK64MC105 controller enables the design of low-cost automotive sensors, industrial automation, motor control and other robust end applications.

In the motor control segment, this digital signal controller family is well suited for cost competitive markets with stringent operating conditions. Features of the dsPIC33CK64MC105 by Microchip include a single 100 MIPS dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals; effective control of BLDC, PMSM, ACIM, SR and stepper motors, in addition to a high level of peripheral integration. The dsPIC33CK64MC105 enables applications to implement power factor correction (PFC) and Motor Control using a single DSC.

The safety-ready Microchip dsPIC33CK64MC10X family of DSCs provide simple-to-use smart sensor interfaces for various electronic sensing applications. The rich feature set combined with an 150°C high-temperature rating make it a very good fit for automotive sensors and industrial automation.

Key Features of the dsPIC33CK

  • Functional Safety support (ISO26262)
  • Up to 64 KBytes of Program Flash with ECC and Fault Injection testing feature
  • Up to 8 KBytes of Data SRAM with Memory Built in Self-Test (MBIST)/li>
  • Four sets of interrupt context saving registers, including ACC and CPU status for fast interrupt handling
  • Four independent PWM pairs (Eight total outputs) with up to 2 ns resolution
  • Up to three op amps with internal connection to ADC Module

dsPIC33CK DSC Applications

  • Motor Control
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • Functional Safety
  • High-performance Embedded Devices


High-Performance Characteristics

  • 100 MHz CPU instruction execution speed for tighter control loops
  • New instructions to accelerate DSP algorithm performance
  • Expanded context selected register sets for reduced interrupt latency

Optimized Peripheral Feature Set

  • Perfectly optimized for single-motor control applications, automotive and industrial sensor interfaces and consumer appliances
  • Analog integration includes a single high-speed ADC, 3 op amps, and one analog comparator with DAC

Improved Functional Safety Features & Support

  • Safety features include: ECC Flash, RAM BIST, Deadman Timer (DMT), Dual WDTs, BOR, Backup Fast RC Oscillator (BFRC), Fail-Safe Clock Monitoring (FSCM), CRC, Virtual Pins for Redundancy, Flash OTP & Code Guard™️Security
  • Targets ASIL B (ISO 26262), SIL 2 (IEC 61508), Class BLibrary (IEC 60730)

Hardware Development Tools

  • dsPIC33CK64MC105 Motor Control Ext. Op Amp PIM (MA330051-1)
  • dsPIC33CK64MC105 Motor Control Int. Op Amp PIM (MA330051-2)
  • dsPIC33CK64MC105 General Purpose PIM (MA330052)

Software Development Tools

  • MPLAB®X IDE, MPLAB® Xpress Cloud Based IDE
  • MPLAB®Code Configurator (MCC), XC16 C Compiler
  • motorBench® Development Suite

dsPIC33CK DSC Block Diagram

dsPIC33CK DSC Block Diagram