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Microchip Technology HV96001 LED Controllers

Secondary-Side, Micro-Interfaced, Flicker-Free LED Controller with Enhanced PWM and Analog Dimming

Microchip HV96001 LED controllers target offline lighting applications requiring wide dimming capability. The LED driver is capable of linear dimming and PWM dimming, with the PWM dimming capable of flicker-free dimming down to 0.1% level and lower.

The HV96001 controller is specifically adapted to LED driver designs that accommodate a wide range of the LED load voltage. The LED controller adjusts the output voltage of the AC to DC conversion stage for maintaining a high conversion efficiency over a wide range of the LED load voltage. It also maintains a precise control over the LED current amplitude, thereby maintaining the consistent color temperature.

The adaptability of the Microchip LED controller to wide range PWM dimming allows for a stable control of the LED current waveform for PWM dimming pulse widths down to 250 ns.

The HV96001 driver IC adjusts the flyback converter output voltage such that the boost converter (BC) operates with a small difference between the boost converter input and output voltage, also referred to as the headroom voltage. Operating the boost converter with a small headroom voltage, or, more or less equivalent, operating with a small voltage step-up ratio allows the boost converter to be physically small and operate at a higher efficiency.

The Microchip HV96001 includes two feedback regulators, the flyback regulator for control of the flyback output voltage and the boost regulator for control of the LED current amplitude. An optocoupler driver circuit drives the optocoupler, which in turn provides a control signal for driving the control input of the flyback converter.

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  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 8V to 60V
  • Linear (Analog) Dimming with Wide Range of Amplitude Control of the LED Current
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) (Digital) Dimming Capable of Dimming to Lower than 0.1% with PWM Pulse Width < 250ns
  • Flyback Converter with Automatic Output Voltage Adjustment for Maintaining High System Efficiency
  • Boost Converter (Sepic Topology) with Near Zero Voltage Ripple for Ripple Free LED Current (100Hz/120Hz Ripple Rejection) 200kHz Fixed Switching Frequency


  • Mixed Dimming Capability Enables Implementation with Wide Range of Dimming Protocols
  • Vdd Regulator with 5V Output, 10mA Load Current Capability
  • Fault Recovery with Auto-retry Delay Set Using Timing Capacitor
  • UVP for Vdd and Flyback Vout
  • OVP for LED Load Voltage (Flyback Vout)
  • OCD for Load Switch Current
  • Stuck-at-Zero Dection of Dimming (DIM) SIgnal
  • OCP of Output Current with Auto Retry Delay

HV96001 Application

  • Offline lighting applications requiring wide dimming capability



Name Value
Topology Current Mode Boost
+Vin min (V) 8
+Vin max (V) 60
Output Current External FET
Dimming Extra Wide Range PWM and Analog
Package 16/SOIC, 16/QFN
Product Type Secondary Controller
Type Secondary Controller
# of White LEDs 18
Operating Iq (µA) 3.4
Vfb (V) 0.4
Switching Frequency 200kHz
Switching MOSFET External
Θja (C/W) 60, 46
Extra LDOs 1


HV96001 Block Diagram

Microchip HV96001 LED Controller Block Diagram