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Microchip PIC16F152xx - Enhanced Mid-Range 8-bit Microcontroller Family

The most affordable family 8/14/20-Pin MCUs for cost-sensitive and real-time control applications.

About the PIC16F152xx MCU family

The Microchip PIC16F152xx group of microcontrollers are a revolutionized version of the PIC12F150x microcontrollers. The PIC16F152xx family is available in 8, 14, 16, 20, 28 and 40-pin packages, which makes them the most affordable and ideal option for a vast range of applications such as IoT edge nodes, wearables, lighting, automotive, and factory automation.

PIC16F152xx Benefits

The PIC16F152xx microcontroller family features increased memory (up to 28KB Flash and 2KB RAM) and provides upgraded memory features such as the Memory Access Partition (MAP) to support users in data protection and bootloader applications. The PIC16F152xx also has a Device Information Area (DIA), which stores Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) offset values to improve ADC accuracy.

The Microchip PIC16F152xx microcontroller family includes a 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), Peripheral Pin Select (PPS), digital communication peripherals, timers and waveform generators. The MCUs can quickly respond and manage critical system tasks with fast data transfers and interrupt handling.

With a mix of Microchip’s popular CIPs that enable effortless hardware customization, all the above features are offered in a small 3 mm by 3 mm footprint package, which makes the PIC16F152 MCU family ideal for space-constrained applications.

PIC16F152xx Key Features

  • Up to 28 KB Flash & 2 KB RAM
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 8 & 16-bit Timers
  • Two 10-bit PWMs
  • Two Capture/Compare/PWMs
  • Memory Access Partitioning (MAP)
  • Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)
  • Peripheral Module Disable (PMD)
  • Device Information Area (DIA)
  • EUSART with LIN Protocol support

PIC16F152xx Memory

  • Up to 7 KB Flash Program Memory
  • Up to 512 bytes Data SRAM
  • Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes
  • Memory Access Partition (MAP) featuring Write Protect and Customizable Partition
  • Device Information Area (DIA)
  • Device Configuration Information (DCI)
  • Programmable Code Protection and Write Protection

PIC16F152xx Applications

Low-power capabilities to support prolonged battery life

  • Various operating modes
  • Disable peripherals/features while not in use (on the fly)
  • Fast and low-power operational modes to balance response with current consumption

Simplified connection to a wide variety of sensors

  • Many analog input channels

Connect easily to Microchip wireless expansion modules

  • Common communication interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART)
  • DMX, DALI and LIN protocol support
  • Easily connects to Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) modules with embedded security

Real-Time Control Capabilities

  • Seamless data transfer
  • Transfer data between peripheral and memories with no CPU intervention
  • Automate tasks with low latency
  • Interconnection of peripherals
  • Create custom hardware-based logic functions
  • Improves response time
  • Reduces software overhead
  • High resolution PWM drive and waveform generation with automated:
  • Flexible bridge/drive configurations
  • Control of dead-band and auto-shutdown capabilities
  • Integrated timer/counter
  • AC high-voltage zero cross detection
  • Simplifies TRIAC control
  • Synchronized switching control and timing
  • Flexible communication
  • Hardware for multiple protocol support


PIC16F152xx Microcontroller Block Diagram

PIC16F152xx Microcontroller Block Diagram

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Name Value
Program Memory Type Flash
Program Memory Size (KB) 28
SRAM (B) 2
Digital Communication Peripherals 1-UART, 1-SPI, 1-I2C1-MSSP(SPI/I2C)
Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals 2 CCP,
Timers 1 x 8-bit, 2 x 16-bit
ADC Input 28 ch, 10-bit
Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 125
Operating Voltage Range (V) 1.8 to 5.5
Pin Count 40
Low Power Yes