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Monolithic Power Systems


Monolithic Power Systems Digital Isolators with Integrated Power

1% load regulation, high speed, and a small SOICW-16 package size

Garner significant PCB space savings and improve system performance in your design with Monolithic Power Systems’ latest digital isolators with integrated power supply. With their improved unique packaging technology, integrating DC/DC power will allow for them to deliver a fully integrated DC/DC power converter solution with digital isolation.

This broad portfolio of highly integrated, optimized isolation solutions is ideal for use in industrial automation, battery management systems (BMS), EV charging stations, and any application that requires reliable signal and power isolation.

Featured Series


The MPQ278xx is part of a 2-channel to 4-channel digital isolator family optimized that replaces the traditional optocoupler isolation in applications. It supports a data rate up to 50Mbps and 5V or 3.3V isolated power supply.

It also uses capacitive isolation technology, supporting up to 3kVrms insulation voltage rating. This isolator provides small size, low power consumption, and higher reliability operation in contrast to traditional optocoupler isolators.

The MPQ278xx integrates one isolated DC/DC converter with up to 200mA output and 3kVRMS isolation, providing isolated power for the isolated data port. It still provides Schmitt trigger input and isolation encoding/decoding for high immunity in noisy environments. The high/low selectable default failsafe output supports flexible design in application.

This digital isolator can also be found in a wide-body SOICW-16 package.


  • Integrated Isolated Power Supply
  • Support DC to 50Mbps Data Rate
  • 3kVrms Isolation
  • 4.5V to 5.5V Input Range
  • Programmable 5V and 3.3V Output
  • Up to 5V/1W Output Power
  • Default Output with Optional Logic High
  • (MPQ278XX-H) or Low (MPQ278XX-L)
  • High Electromagnetic Immunity
  • >±100kV/μs Common-mode Transient
  • Immunity
  • 16ns Propagation Delay
  • Isolated Power with Overload and ShortCircuit Protection
  • Certificate for IEC62368-1, UL1577, VDE
  • 0884-11 (planning)
  • Available in SOICW-16 Package


  • EV Charging Stations
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Industrial Communication Systems
  • Industrial Automation Systems and PLC


Typical Application