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Monolithic Power Systems


Monolithic Power Systems MCS1823 Linear Hall-effect Current Sensor

With Over-Current Detection in an Ultra-Small Package

Monolithic Power Systems’ MCS1823 is a linear Hall-effect current sensor IC for AC or DC current sensing. The Hall array is differential to cancel out any stray magnetic field.

A low-resistance (0.6mΩ) primary conductor allows a large current to flow within close proximity to the integrated circuit containing high-accuracy Hall sensors. This current generates a magnetic field which is sensed at two different points by the integrated Hall transducers. The magnetic field difference between these two points is then converted into a voltage that is proportional to the applied current. A spinning current technique is used for a low, stable offset.

The MCS1823 implements over-current detection (OCD) to easily monitor the system for over-current faults.

The MCS1823’s small footprint saves board area and makes it well-suited for space-constrained applications. The MCS1823 is available in an ultra-small QFN-12 (3mmx3mm) package.

Features & Benefits

  • 3V or 5V Single Supply (Optional)
  • Immune to External Magnetic Fields by Differential Sensing
  • 6mΩ Internal Conductor Resistance
  • ±2.5% Total Accuracy
  • 5A to 50A Range (See Ordering Information)
  • 120kHz Bandwidth
  • Over-Current Detection (OCD) with 1μs Response Time
  • Output Proportional to AC or DC Currents
  • Ratiometric or Absolute Output from Supply Voltage (Optional)
  • Factory-Trimmed for Accuracy
  • No Magnetic Hysteresis
  • Custom OCD Level from 50% to 240% of IPMAX
  • Available in a QFN-12 (3mmx3mm) Package


  • Motor control
  • Automotive systems
  • ATM bank machines – bill dispensing
  • Load detection & management
  • Switched-mode power supplies
  • Over-current fault protection

Monolithic Power Systems — MCS1823 Ultra-small Package, Hall-effect Linear Current Sensor


Ultra-Small Hall-Effect Current Sensor: MCS1823