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Murata SCL3400 High Performance 2-axis (XY) Inclinometer

2-axis MEMS sensor offering best-in-class stability over lifetime and temperature range

Murata’s SCL3400-D01 is a high-performance inclinometer sensor. It is a two-axis inclinometer sensor based on Murata's proven capacitive 3D-MEMS technology. Signal processing is done in a mixed signal ASIC with flexible SPI digital interface. Sensor element and ASIC are packaged into 12 pin pre-molded plastic housing that guarantees reliable operation over product's lifetime.

The SCL3400-D01 is designed, manufactured and tested for high stability, reliability and quality requirements. The component has extremely stable output over wide range of temperature and vibration. The component has several advanced self-diagnostics features, is suitable for SMD mounting and is compatible with RoHS and ELV directives.


  • Offset drift over lifetime ≤ Typical 0.12°
  • Ultra-low noise density down to 0.0009°/√Hz for high measurement resolution
  • Two user selectable measurement modes for sensor performance optimization for different applications and their requirements
  • Proven capacitive 3D-MEMS technology
  • Size 8.6 × 7.6 × 3.3 mm (l × w × h)
  • 3.0V…3.6V supply voltage
  • Advanced self-diagnostics features
  • 12 pin pre-molded housing, suitable for SMD mounting
  • Compatible with RoHS and EV directives


SCL3400 is targeted at applications demanding high stability with tough environmental requirements.

Typical applications include:

  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • Leveling & Platform Stabilization
  • Tilt sensing
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • Positioning and guidance systems


  • Excellent total offset performance over lifetime and temperature
  • Ultra-low noise density for high measurement resolution
  • Robust design

Typical Performance Characteristics

Murata — SCL3400 Typical Performance Characteristics


Murata Sensor Boards for Digital Accelerometers / Inclinometer SCL3400 Series PCB

Sensor Boards for Digital Accelerometers / Inclinometer SCL3400-D01-PCB: 2 axis Inclinometer, Range ±30° (0.5g), ±90° (1.1g)

The purpose of the Chip Carrier PCB is to enable fast prototyping.

Murata — SCL3400 Series Chip Carrier PCB

SCA3300 / SCL3300 / SCL3400 Chip Carrier PCB includes:

  • Sensor soldered on PCB
  • PCB design # 01059 with pin headers and passive components
Please refer to SCA3300 / SCL3300 / SCL3400 Datasheet when using the Chip Carrier PCB.