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NXP MCX W Series of Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Smart, secure MCUs enable more compact, scalable and innovative designs

Geared for the next generation of smart and secure connected devices, NXP features their MCX W Series of Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs). They offer a unified range of pin-compatible multiprotocol wireless MCUs for Matter, Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee.

Based on the Arm® Cortex®-M33, the MCX W series enables interoperable and innovative smart home devices, building automation sensors and controls and smart energy products.

The first two families in the MCX W series, the MCX W71x and W72x, maximize flexibility with a software upgradeable independent radio subsystem. With scalable memory sizes the MCX W series allows devices to be upgraded over time as user needs change and connectivity protocols like Matter continue to evolve.

Industry’s first wireless MCU to support the new Bluetooth® Channel Sounding standard
The MCX W series includes the MCX W72x, the industry’s first wireless MCU to support the new Bluetooth® Channel Sounding standard, which improves the accuracy and security of distance measurement compared to traditional Bluetooth technology. This is supported by NXP’s Localization Compute Engine (LCE) to reduce latency. Along with NXP’s Trimension® portfolio of ultra-wideband (UWB) secure radar and fine ranging products, the MCX W evolves ambient computing into a broad range applications.

Key Features

  • 96 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33
    • Localization Compute Engine
  • Radio subsystem with dedicated core, flash, and RAM
    • Support for Matter, Thread, Zigbee, and Bluetooth® Low Energy with channel sounding
  • 1 MB flash and 128 KB RAM (MCX W71x)
    • Additional 256 KB flash and 88 KB RAM for radio subsystem
  • 2 MB flash and 256 KB RAM (MCX W72x)
    • Additional 512 KB flash and 170 KB RAM for radio subsystem
  • Ultra-low power architecture
  • Edgelock® Secure Enclave Core Profile with Edgelock 2GO support
  • Optional CAN FD interface
  • -40 to 125° C operating temperature

Target Applications

  • Smart sensors
  • Connected window coverings
  • Smart thermostats
  • Connected small appliances
  • Home and building control devices
  • Security panels
  • Power and energy
  • E-bikes

MCX W7x: Optimized for IoT, Industrial and Matter

NXP — MCX W7x: Optimized for IoT, Industrial and Matter


The MCX W series is supported by the MCUXpresso Developer Experience.

The MCUXpresso Developer Experience to optimize, ease and help accelerate embedded system development. The MCUXpresso suite includes tools for simple device configuration and secure programming. Developers can choose to work with multiple IDEs including MCUXpresso for VS Code, MCUXpresso IDE, or IAR. NXP provides wireless stacks, drivers and middleware with extensive examples via the MCUXpresso SDK and opensource github repos, further complemented by a wide range of compatible middleware from NXP’s partner ecosystem, allowing rapid development of a broad range of end applications.

Flexible hardware platforms
For quick prototyping platforms, NXP offers low-cost, compact and scalable FRDM development boards and full-featured EVKs. Developers have easy access to additional tools like our Expansion Board Hub for add-on boards and the Application Code Hub for software examples through the MCUXpresso Developer Experience