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onsemi NCS7041 Current Sense Amplifiers

80V Common-Mode Voltage, Bidirectional

The NCS7041 and NCV7041 by onsemi are high voltage, high resolution, current sense amplifiers featuring gain options of 14, 20, 50, and 100 V/V, and a maximum ±0.3% gain error over the entire temperature range.

Each part consists of a preamplifier and buffer with access to output and input via A1 and A2 pins for an intermediate filter network or modified gain. The NCS7041 and NCV7041 by onsemi offer excellent input common−mode rejection from −6 V to 80 V.

The NCS7041 can perform unidirectional or bidirectional current measurements across a sense resistor in a variety of applications. Automotive qualified options are available under NCV prefix.

All versions are specified over the extended operating temperature range from −40°C to 150°C.


  • Bandwidth: 100 kHz
  • Input Offset Voltage: 300 µV
  • Gain Error: ±0.3%
  • Common-Mode Input Range: -6 to 80 V
  • Multiple Gain Options: 14, 20, 50, 100 V/V
  • CMRR: 90 dB

End Products

  • Diesel Injection Control
  • Drones
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Telecom
  • On Board Charger
  • Server/ Telecom Power


  • Motor Control
  • Power Supply
  • Power Monitoring


NCS7041 Simplified Representative Block Diagram

onsemi — NCS7041 Simplified Representative Block Diagram