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TE Connectivity


TE Connectivity PowerTube Connector Series

PowerTube Connector Series, Modular, Scalable and Immensely powerful, Reduced Total Applied Cost

Hybrid and electric industrial and commercial vehicles must operate safely and reliably for a long time regardless of external conditions, and so must any connectivity provided to them. TE Connectivity’s PowerTube connector series is the right choice for high power applications in all hybrid and electric industrial and commercial vehicles.

Built for handling large electrical loads (up to 500 A continuous current, depending on wire size and temperature, and 1000 V), TE’s PowerTube connector series can handle multiple wire sizes, between 35 mm2 to 150 mm2. Manufactured with scalability and modularity in mind, the PowerTube header is available in either 180° or 90° orientation, as well as up to 3 positions per connector.

Along with its modularity, a refined circular design greatly simplifies cable routing and connector assembly, thus helping lower total applied cost. The PowerTube connector is an excellent choice for providing reliable, safe connectivity, thanks to IP6K9K dust and water ingress protection, Connector Position Assurance (CPA), a robust design to withstand engine-level vibration, and High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) safety feature in each pin.

TE Connectivity’s HVP-HD1000 and HVP-HD1400 are the examples of PowerTube Connector Series designed to meet LV215 specifications (vibration refers to ISO16750-3 while salt spray refers to VDA233-102), there are three kinds of metric wire size (acc. to ISO 6722-1 class D, ISO 19642-9 class D): 35mm², 50mm², 70 mm² for HVP-HD1000 and four kinds of metric wire size 70 mm², 95 mm², 120 mm², 150 mm² for HVP-HD1400. With a 180° cable outlet incorporates the connector system 10mm power contacts for HVP-HD1000 (14mm Power contacts for HVP-HD1400) and an integrated High Voltage Interlock (HVIL) System. Both HVP-HD1000 header and HVP-HD1400 header can be divided into two parts: 90Deg and 180Deg. All of them have 1POS, 2POS, 3POS, equipped with 12 different keying or polarizing configurations. It incorporates 360° conductive EMI shields to reduce radiated emissions in the application. The housings are molded in orange to denote a high voltage system.

Features & Benefits

Modular and Scalable

  • Up to 3 pins in one header connector and large cable range
  • Cube-shaped bus bar enables multiple screw orientations for easier tool access
  • Both 180° and 90° headers use the same size interface on the aggregate
  • Unshielded (48 V) and shielded (high voltage) systems can be serviced with the same connector system

Reduced Total Applied Cost

  • Modularity reduces inventory cost
  • Circular connector design enables simplified routing
  • Decreases complexity of assembly and reduced number of components
  • Single connector design enables improved serviceability in the field

High Performance in Every Environment

  • IP6K9K protection and ISO 16750-3 profile vibration performance
  • CPA and HVIL for each pin
  • Circular 360° shielding provides excellent EMI protection

Product Specifications

Description PowerTube 1000 (HVP-HD 1000) PowerTube 1400 (HVP-HD 1400)
Voltage level Up to 1000 V
Current level 300 A for connector system
(depending on wire size and
system temperature)
580 A for connector system
(depending on wire size and
system temperature)
Terminal size 10 mm round pin 14 mm round pin
Wire size 35 mm2, 50 mm2, 70 mm2 70 mm2, 95 mm2, 120 mm2, 150 mm2
Dielectric strength 4000 VDC, 5500 m altitude
Shielding * 360° shielding (shield current up to 30% of main current)
Vibration ISO 16750-3 profile 7 and profile 9
Pin count 1/2/3 pin on header side,1 pin on connector side
Orientation 180° and 90°
Sealing IP67, IP6K9K, IPX8
Safety HVIL for each pin, IPXXB, IPXXD
Coding 12 color-codings
Corrosion resistance VDA 233-102 salt spray test
Others CPA, tool and finger access

* Unshielded options also available


PowerTube Connector HVP-HD1400

TE Connectivity — PowerTube Connector HVP-HD1400

PowerTube Connector HVP-HD1400 Header

TE Connectivity — PowerTube Connector HVP-HD1400 Header


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