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Lithium 10 mm 3 V 30 mAh Coin Cell Battery

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Mfr. Name: Renata Batteries
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Date Code: 2040
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All lithium (primary and rechargeable) batteries are subject to various transportation regulations. Learn More

Renata Batteries subsidiary of the Swatch Group Ltd,  was originally founded in Switzerland in 1952 producing mechanical parts found in wristwatches. As time and technology advanced so did Renata and since the 1970’s they have become a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality button cell batteries. These button cells come in variety of chemistries, silver oxide, zinc air and lithium, as well as a vast array of sizes and are used in countless application in almost every industry from Commercial to  Medical to Military. Renata manages the whole production process from their facility in Switzerland to ensure the highest quality standards and the highest quality product.

The 3 volt Lithium Coin Cell batteries are the most common batteries in the industry today,  as they provide the most power in their compact design, Renata’s coin cell batteries are called out as the CR Series. This CR Series is used in various industries, its usage continues grow as does the need for high quality batteries in the ever expanding market for hand held devices.

The CR1025.IB is a 3V lithium coin cell battery that is 10.0 mm x 2.5 mm with a rated capacity of 30 mAh. The CR1025.IB is suitable for applications with a temperature range from -40 to +85 °C, and has a self discharge rate of <1%/year at 23°C.
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