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MSR320R Series 73 to 86 dB 20 V 3500 ±500 Hz Ø 23 x 10 mm Buzzer

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Mfr. Name: Mallory
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Date Code: 2208
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Mallory MSR320R - Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Type: Piezo
Sound Level: 73dB
Rated Voltage: 3V to 20V
Frequency: 3.5kHz
Dimension: H  10mm x D  23mm
Mounting Method: Through Hole
$Features & Applications

Since 1966, Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc. has been a manufacturer of high quality standard and custom audible alarms. Manufactured in the USA, Mallory Sonalert alarms feature solid-state electronics, polarity protection, rugged and safe case materials, corrosion resistant brass solid diaphragms, as well as water and vibration resistance.

Mallory produces an audible tone by internally creating an oscillating Oscillatingsignal which drives a piezo ceramic transducer mounted in a sound chamber. Various types of continuous and intermittent tones are available.

Mallory Sonalert can be actuated by AC and DC power signals and has several mounting configurations and terminations available.

Mallory’s MSR series feature many popular board mount alarms that are used in a wide variety of industrial, medical, transportation and consumer applications. Alarms in the MSR series utilize efficient piezo-electric technology, which means that customers can expect a compact alarm with a wide voltage range, low current levels, and loud sound levels.

Utilizing Mallory’s expertise in circuit design, the MSR series offer the loudest sound levels possible for their small size as well as several different sound type options such as continuous, pulsing and siren tones.

These alarms are packaged in a rugged Valox UL94V-0 case and have an industrial grade temperature range that befits Mallory’s excellent reputation as a high quality alarm that can be used in just about any application.

Because the operation of the Sonalert audible device is dependent upon the circuit in which it is used, it is advisable to thoroughly test the selected device in the specific circuit and application to assure mechanical and electrical compatibility and verify system performance.

With a continuous tone, the MSR320R is a PC mountable buzzer and has a minimum sound pressure of 71 dB at 3 Volts of DC power, and a maximum of 86 dB at 20 Volts.

Experience the sound of MSR320R and other Mallory Sonalert products.

Optional wash label may be ordered by adding "S" to the model number to read: MSR320SR

Note: The "R" suffix in MSR320R denotes ROHS compliance.

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