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ZXLD1360 Series 30 V 1 A Surface Mount Step-Down LED Driver - TSOT-23-5

Mfr. Name: Diodes Incorporated
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Date Code: 2030
Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Supply Voltage: 7V to 30V
Output Current per Channel: 1A
Output Voltage: 30V
Switching Frequency-Max: 1MHz
Package Style:  TSOT-23-5
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

Zetex is a leading provider of high performance, analog semiconductor products for signal processing and power management. The company designs and manufactures a broad range of standard and application focused linear integrated circuits and discrete semiconductor products using a wide variety of wafer processing technologies.

LED Lighting is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly lighting solution. The ability to control brightness and color temperature by electronic dimming makes LED lighting an appealing solution for many illumination applications ranging from mood lighting to video projection. Regardless of type, color, size, or power, all LEDs work best when driven with a constant current. LED manufacturers specify the characteristics (such as lumens, beam pattern, color) of their devices at a specified forward current (IF) not at a specific forward voltage.

Low-power LEDs are ideal for lighting portable electronics because they are efficient, easy to drive, small, thin, robust, and low noise. When running off a Lithium-Ion battery (typically 3.7V output voltage), each low-power LED requires up to 4V at 30 mA. To operate more than one LED for a lighting solution, an LED driver is needed to boost the voltage and regulate the current to optimize LED output.

Sources of input voltage for LED arrays come from batteries or power supplies that have a certain tolerance. An automotive battery, for example, may supply 8V to 16V depending on the load and the age of the battery.

The ZXLD1350/1360/1362 are continuous mode inductive step-down converters, designed for driving single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage.

ZXLD1360ET5TA is a TSOT23-5 ,1A LED driver with internal switch that supports input supply Range between 7V and 30V while being able to provide up to 30V Output Voltage with Up to 1MHz switching frequency.

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