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BHXXLB1 Series 150 mA 1.8 V Output Surface Mount CMOS LDO Regulator - SSOP-5

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Mfr. Name: ROHM
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Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Input Voltage-Min: 2.5V
Input Voltage-Max: 5.5V
Output Voltage Fixed: 1.8V
Dropout Voltage-Max: 450mV
Output Current-Max: 150mA
Package Style:  SSOP-5
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications
ROHM Semiconductor’s CMOS Low Dropout Regulators provide a power management solution satisfying the need for low power, space-conscious design and low switching-noise voltage regulation while also adhering to the cost constraints of these applications.  Fewer external components, a simple design process, and a small footprint also make our LDO regulators a preferred solution for regulated power in many applications where the controlled voltage is lower than the source voltage.  These ICs are manufactured in compliance with numerous industry substance removal initiatives.

ROHM’s packaging options have a significant impact on PCB space and power dissipation. For example, ROHM’s LDO regulator in an HVSOF5 package is over 70% smaller than the standard SOT23-5 and can achieve the same current rating while improving the device’s effective power dissipation. Additionally, many packages contain an integrated heat sink which increases heat transfer allowing the package to safely dissipate more heat.

ROHM’s CMOS LDO Regulators also achieve a high-speed load response through a low VSAT which allows stable operation even when the battery is almost completely discharged preventing the output from falling below the minimum voltage differential required for reliable operation.

ROHM’s LDO regulators implement a standard internal discharge circuit to safely protect against unwanted reverse current by discharging the output capacitor without the need for external blocking diodes.  These ICs also incorporate a built-in fold back type overcurrent protection that prevents damage and can reduce the heating effects of current overload conditions on the LDO and surrounding circuitry.  Combining this unique overcurrent protection with our distinctive internal discharge circuit, ROHM’s LDO regulators can achieve a simpler solution while maintaining a smaller overall circuit footprint.

Key Features:

·          High-accuracy output voltage; ±1% over a wide temperature range

·          Compatible with compact ceramic capacitors for an overall smaller footprint

·          Low current consumption

·          0 µA standby current

·          Built-in foldback type overcurrent protection

·          Built-in thermal shutdown

·          Built-in discharge circuit to prevent malfunction when entering standby mode or at power-on

·          High ESD protection

·          RoHS Compliant

As battery powered, wireless products proliferate, system designers can continue to count on ROHM’s CMOS LDO Regulators for regulated power sources with low noise and space saving design. Specifically designed for low power applications in portable products, these CMOS LDOs provide a variety of solutions for efficient and cost-effective power management. ROHM Semiconductor’s complete line of CMOS LDOs combined with expert application engineering support assures the optimum choice for every application.

The BH18LB1WG comes in a SSOP5 package.  The supply voltage range is 2.5V to 5.5V.  It has a fixed output voltage of 1.8V, a maximum rated output current of 150mA, and a ± 25mV voltage precision.  This part is Lead-Free/RoHS compliant.
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