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Future Electronics – Our Commitment to the Environment


Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

At Future Electronics, there is a reason why our color is green!

The whole Future team is dedicated to encouraging and promoting a cleaner and greener environment for everyone, through the implementation of corporate initiatives that will foster a greener company and a greener world in compliance with ISO14001 requirements. We are serious about conducting business in a way that reduces our own environmental footprint, while protecting and improving the state of the environment.

How do we fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability?

Backed by our dedicated Green Team, we have developed company-wide green initiatives that include improving energy efficiency, using resources responsibly, reducing waste, recycling, and more.

  • Paper: There is no denying the fact that our business is paper-heavy. However, one of our most important initiatives is reducing printing by over 75%. This is done with a variety of standard practices including:
    • Eliminating unnecessary printing by using electronic storage and cloud solutions.
    • Encouraging double-sided printing
    • The availability of multiple printed reports that are available on the company’s private network
    • Encouraging electronic invoicing
  • Recycling: Our goal is to reduce waste and increase overall recycling efforts. We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive recycling programs of any multinational company.
    • Adhering to a list of Recyclable and Non-Recyclable items
    • Strategically placed recycling stations all over our buildings for recyclable items
    • Styrofoam elimination,
    • The use of ceramic cups
    • Reducing the use of water bottles
    • Increased participation in recycling programs
  • Energy saving measures:
    • We ensure lights and equipment are always turned off when not in use.
    • We use fluorescent bulbs that contain less mercury and use less energy.
    • Heating and cooling systems lowered when not in use.
    • Energy efficient TV screens are used company wide.
    • Increased employee awareness and participation through events such as Bike to Work days (with rewards!) and increased participation in various recycling programs.
    • A shuttle bus is available for employees from downtown Montreal to Corporate Headquarters in Pointe Claire.
  • Future Electronics Environmental Achievements: We are proud to hold Environmental Objectives and Targets each year to encourage our continued contribution to save the planet.
    • We are proud to have recycled over 6300 boxes in 2019, which significantly surpassed our company-wide target.
    • We are proud to have met our target for electricity usage of less than 732 000 kWh.
    • We routinely take part in International Conferences related to environmental pollution and sustainability.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, but we do not plan to stop anytime soon.

We encourage all environment-minded individuals or supporters to get in touch with us and share any ideas you may that can continue contributing to a cleaner and greener world.