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Amphenol ICC

Learn more about Interconnect Solutions by Amphenol ICC

Tailored to Outdoor, Industrial, Roadway and Smart Lighting Systems

The lighting market is growing rapidly. Existing supply base is exhibiting long lead times (up to 18 weeks) and primarily focuses on large customers, which leaves smaller accounts not well serviced.

To live up to the task, a capable and trusted global supplier and distributor is needed to meet the demands, which is where this webinar comes in.

In this free webinar, world class interconnect technology leader Amphenol ICC is featuring a line of lighting solutions designed to satisfy the growing demand for standard NEMA/ANSI products as well as new ZHAGA products for smart lighting applications.

Key takeaways for webinar attendees:

  • Lighting market is growing and will need capable and trusted global suppliers to meet the demands.
  • Existing supply base is experiencing long lead times (up to 18 weeks) and primarily focuses on large customers leaving smaller accounts not well serviced.
  • Amphenol ICC is priced competitively and will aggressively meet reasonable targets with lead times as low as 6 weeks in collaboration with Future Electronics.
  • The Amphenol ICC lighting connector portfolio is well positioned to service the outdoor, industrial, roadway and smart lighting market for both NEMA/ANSI and Zhaga certified products.
  • Amphenol ICC’s lighting portfolio is growing, adding new products and leading the development of new interconnect solutions (Zhaga Book 20, knife switch, discrete wire connectors).
  • Amphenol ICC products meet all required industry standards and the level of quality expected by customers.
  • Amphenol ICC has flexible MOQs and also offers customized design solutions.

Thursday, December 10th, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Interconnect Solutions for Outdoor, Industrial, Roadway and Smart Lighting Systems

You will hear from:

Greg MacDonald

Greg MacDonald

Distribution Manager, Amphenol ICC Commercial/Industrial Business Unit

MacDonald has over 23 years of experience with Amphenol in a variety of different positions including Product Management.


Discover the global presence of both Amphenol ICC and Future Electronics, providing interconnect and lighting solutions for a range of applications.

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