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Cypress Bluetooth MESH Solutions

Easy design with fast go-to-market for smart home and industrial applications

Bluetooth® Mesh enables a myriad of applications ranging from building automation to asset tracking; because it is a low-power wireless network with many-to-many node communications, it is perfectly suited for large-scale, extended-range networks.

In this free webinar, Future Electronics discussed and demonstrated how to build your own low-power, scalable networks with Bluetooth Mesh.

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth Mesh is an enhancement to the connectivity model of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) using mesh networking. This new technology creates a flexible mesh topology with multiple potential paths between nodes to ensure message delivery. It is a many-to-many style of communication, connecting devices together by passing signals to peers that are within range. This forms a web, or mesh, of interconnected devices capable of relaying data. This means that information is passed from one device to another, and another, and so on. The number of devices that support the mesh profile is growing at a steady pace.

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Cypress Bluetooth MESH Solutions
Hosted by:

Rabee Alhayek
Vertical Segment Manager - Wireless, NFC/RFID & Cyber Security
Future Electronics

Raul Hernandez
Sr. Principal Field Application Engineer
Cypress Infineon

The webinar took place on July 23rd, 2020.

Topics discussed:

  • ✔ Cypress Bluetooth Lineup
  • ✔ Bluetooth Mesh Introduction
  • ✔ From Mesh to the Cloud
  • ✔ Cypress Mesh Development Kits and Tools