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The latest lighting solutions from an LED leader that stands above the rest

In an ever-changing market landscape, Nichia is staying on course.

The rapidly changing market scenario of the commercial lighting industry has resulted in challenging times for many manufacturers and shifts within the businesses.

Typically, lighting manufacturers will look to focus efforts in areas they excel. For example, many companies have spun off or sold their lighting businesses, such as Philips in 2016, Current, powered by GE in 2018, and a more recent announcement by Eaton to spin off its lighting segment by the end of 2019.

Many LED suppliers across the industry have been forced to slowdown or exit the industry due to uncertainty of the lighting market. Some companies have continued research and development activities, but many have opted to sell off their portfolios as the on-again, off-again US tariff situation has only aggravated the problem. 

In an unstable market where many projects are on hold, Nichia is staying on course with their commitment to show customers a safe and reliable path forward and navigate through the uncertainty confidently. They continue to produce and invest in the development of new technologies to maintain sustainability for customers.

New innovations led by Nichia include: selecting and balancing color temperatures, responding to natural biological rhythms, space restrictions and high efficacy; all of which meet modern demands of the following lighting markets:

  • General Illumination
  • LCD Backlighting
  • Laser Diodes
  • LED Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Video Display



Maintaining LED Sustainability

in a Volatile Market

Learn how Nichia weathers the storm and has adapted to the market volatility that has come with the economic slowdown of COVID-19.


Erik Swenson

General Manager 
Nichia America Corporation

Jason Sarkozi

West Coast Sales Manager
Nichia America Corporation


In an ever-changing market landscape in the lighting industry, Nichia is staying on course providing customers with top of the line products.

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