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Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semi’s Rising Influence on the LED Lighting Industry

In light of the still-spreading pandemic, lighting manufacturers have had to find other ways to be creative and continue innovating. In this free webinar, we will be focusing on Seoul Semiconductor, a leading global LED manufacturer with more than 12,000 patents in an extensive range of lighting products in automotive, general illumination, specialty lighting and backlighting applications.

  • WICOP: A simpler and structured package-free LED which provides market leading color uniformity, cost savings at the fixture level with high lumen density and allows design flexibility.
  • NanoDriver Series: The world’s smallest 24W DC LED Drivers.
  • Acrich: The world's first high-voltage AC-driven LED technology developed in 2005.
    • Includes all AC LED-related technologies from chip to module and circuit fabrication.
  • Multi-junction Technology (MJT): Enables the creation of high voltage LEDs in traditional packages using only a single die.
  • nPola: A new LED product based on GaN-substrate technology that achieves more than ten times the output of conventional LEDs.

Find out how Seoul Semiconductor’s differentiating LED lighting technologies are helping them navigate through lockdowns, restrictions and current market conditions of the industry.


Thursday, June 25th, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT

Seoul Semi’s Rising Influence on the LED Lighting Industry

Topics covered will include:

✓ A full discovery of Seoul Semiconductor mid and high-power LEDs.

✓ Faster and more competitive ways to market.


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