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Abracon ABS07 32.768kHz SMD Low Profile Crystal

Caters to a wide range of applications in the field of communication and measuring equipment

Abracon’s ABS07 tuning fork crystal is an optimal choice for RTC circuit time management. Their highly sought-after tuning fork crystals offer a low frequency of operation and are designed to minimize power consumption, ensuring extended battery life across a diverse array of applications.

Featuring a compact size SMD, these ABS07 crystals are exceptionally well-suited for high-density circuit boards. The crystal features a ceramic package, seam sealed to maintain integrity, offering outstanding resistance to environmental factors and heat. As a result, Abracon’s ABS07 finds wide applicability in the field of communication and measuring equipment.

Moreover, it caters to various other domains such as commercial and industrial sectors, wireless communications, as well as PDAs and smartphones.


  • Low frequency in small size SMD
  • 0.9mm height ideal for high density circuit boards
  • Seam sealed ceramic package offers excellent environmental & heat resistance
  • Extended temperature -55°C to +125°C for industrial applications


  • Smart wearables
  • Commercial & industrial applications
  • Wireless communications
  • PDA & smartphones