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ams AS7341 11 Channel Spectral Sensor

Enabling more precise spectral measurements in a small package

The ams AS7341 is an 11-channel spectrometer enabling new consumer, commercial and laboratory applications including spectral identification, reflection and absorption for color matching, fluid or reagent analysis, passive ambient light measurement and color calibration.

The AS7341 spectral response is defined by individual channels covering approximately 350nm to 1000nm with 8 channels centered in the visible spectrum (VIS), plus one near infrared (NIR) and a clear channel. The NIR channel, in combination with the other VIS channels, may provide information of surrounding ambient light conditions, including light source detection.

The ams AS7341 spectral sensor is available in an ultra-low-profile package with dimensions of 3.1mm x 2mm x 1mm, which makes it easy to accommodate mobile phones and other portable devices.

The AS7341 provides extremely accurate and precise characterizations of the spectral content of a directly measured light source, or of a reflective surface, thanks to an abundance of features.

ams - AS7341 11 Channel Spectral Sensor


Benefits Features
Precision color, spectral composition and distribution measurements
  • 8 optical channels distributed over the visible spectral range + clear and NIR channels realized via silicon nano-optic interference filter deposition technologies
Low power consumption and efficient I²C communication
  • 1.8VDD operation, max 300µA
  • Configurable sleep mode to <5µA
  • Interrupt-driven device
Integrated ambient light flicker detection on chip and light source detection through NIR channel
  • Dedicated channel
  • Independently configurable timing and gain
  • Automatic gain adjustment
  • 50Hz and 60Hz flicker detection flags
Electronic shutter/trigger and synch control
  • GPIO can be used as external trigger input or light source synchronization output
External photodiodes to expand detection range
  • GPIO can be used as input for external photodiodes including mid-IR range


AS7341 Applications

  • High-precision reflective color point and spectral measurements
  • Fluid color, turbidity or reagent based constituent analysis
  • Spectral power distribution and passive ambient CCT measurement for home and building automation
  • High-end display color management


AS7341 Block Diagram

ams – AS7341 Block Diagram