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Azoteq IQS7211A ProxFusion Combination Sensors

Azoteq’s smallest trackpad controller ever

The Azoteq IQS7211A is part of the manufacturer's latest range of ProxFusion combination sensors. The chip allows users to control a trackpad of up to 32-channels. The IQS7211A IC is designed for the wearable and hearable markets based on its low power consumption, small package size and long term activation supported by environmental tracking.

What is ProxFusion®?

ProxFusion® multi-sensor technology is an innovative product line by Azoteq offering combinations of capacitive sensing, Hall-effect, inductive and temperature sensing on a single IC. With the approach of having multiple sensors embedded on a single sensor IC, ProxFusion® will reduce the bill of materials, reduce power consumption, improve reliability, reduce board space, reduce the number of interface pins to the host CPU and bring major cost reductions to the final product.


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Azoteq's Smallest Trackpad Ever

IQS7211A Features

  • Highly flexible ProxFusion® device
  • 12 (QFN) / 10 (WLCSP) configurable external sensor pad connections
  • Mutual/Self capacitive sensor configuration for display wake-up
  • ULP wake-up on touch
    • Dedicated Ultra Low Power wake-up touch sensor or;
    • Wake-up on display/trackpad
  • Sensor flexibility
    • Automatic sensor tuning for optimum sensitivity
    • Internal voltage regulator
    • Reference capacitor
    • On-chip noise filtering
    • Detection debounce and hysteresis
    • Wide range of capacitance detection
  • Trackpad/Touchscreen
    • High resolution coordinate outputs
    • Fast response: Coordinate report rate up to 100Hz
    • Individual sensor touch (for up to 32 touch key applications)
    • Integrated touch size output (area and strength) for touch integrity
    • Gesture recognition engine
    • Electrode mapping for optimal PCB layout
    • Configurable coordinate resolution and orientation
    • Compatible with wide range of overlay materials and thicknesses
    • Compatible with multiple 1- and 2- layer sensor patterns
    • Adjustable sensing frequency offset for limiting potential display interference
    • No calibration required – systems automatically compensated for mechanical & temperature changes
    • Water immunity features


  • Fitness Bands
  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds
  • Game controller touch pads
  • Headphones


Azoteq – IQS7211A ProxFusion Combination Sensors


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