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Boyd Corporation Max Clip™ System

More efficient cooling at the board level

The Boyd Max Clip™ System is a heat sink and clip thermal management system developed by Boyd that enables improved, more uniform thermal contact for faster heat transfer and dissipation. In addition to offering better cooling performance and higher reliability and lifetimes, Max Clips are also easy to install, cost efficient, and available in more than 50 standard Max Clip extrusion profiles that feature specialized geometries and groove patterns optimized for use with over 20 different Max Clips to suit a wide range of applications.

The Max Clip™ System can help provide more efficient cooling across all major industries at the board level.

Key End Applications

The Max Clip™ System is designed to accommodate a variety of semiconductor packages including TO-220, TO-218, TO-247, TO-3P, and packages without mounting holes like TO-262, TO-273, TO-274, and TO-251.

This series is ideal for board level cooling across most major industries:

  • eMobility/EV
  • Medical
  • Data centers/enterprise
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home electronics/appliances
  • Defence