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Diodes Incorporated


Diodes Incorporated AH171xQ Family of Hall-Effect Latches

Perfect for rotational speed sensing and positioning applications

The AH171xQ series by Diodes Incorporated is a low-voltage, high-sensitivity, Hall-effect latch IC for automotive rotation detection applications such as brushless DC motor commutation, speed measurement, angular or linear encoders, and positioning. These devices are optimized to operate across the 2.4V to 5.5V supply range and -40ºC to +150ºC temperature range, enabling them to support a wide range of demanding applications.

The AH171xQ’s chopper-stabilized architecture and internal temperaturecompensated regulator allows them to provide a reliable solution across the entire operating range. The series has three magnetic operate and release points (BOP and BRP) ranging from a typical 7G to 50G with open-drain output, and including one option providing an inverted output.

The AH171xQ are available in the industry-standard SOT23 package.


The AH171xQ family provides a low-voltage, high-sensitivity solution for angular and rotational positioning.

  • Three High-Sensitivity BOP/BRP Options with Tight Operating Windows
    • Provides accurate and reliable switch points
  • 2.4V to 5.5V Supply Range
    • Enables direct operation from standard µC supply rails
  • Fast 30kHz Sensing Bandwidth
    • Supports higher rotational speed sensing
  • High 8kV HBM and 2kV CDM ESD Ratings
    • Maintains robust and reliable detection
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Qualified (-40ºC to +150ºC Temperature)
    • Provides a flexible solution for different automotive application needs


  • Brushless DC-motor commutations
  • Revolutions per minute (RPM) measurements
  • Rotational speed/angular/speed sensing
  • Fuel pumps/windows/sliding doors