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Diodes Incorporated


Diodes Incorporated Gate Drivers

High-performance switching for high-power motor control and DC-DC power delivery applications

Diodes Incorporated gate driver portfolio offers a comprehensive and feature-packed range of products designed for high-performance switching of MOSFETs and IGBTs. These drivers are particularly well-suited for high-power motor control and DC-DC power delivery applications, where both efficiency and compactness are crucial.

Diodes Incorporated product range includes single, dual, and six-channel outputs, providing designers with greater flexibility in implementing their applications. Moreover, these gate drivers come with advanced protection mechanisms integrated directly into the devices, improving system reliability and optimizing board space. As a result, component count is also reduced compared to traditional discrete solutions.

These devices by Diodes are designed to be easily interfaced with microcontrollers and PWM controller ICs, supporting TTL and CMOS logic level inputs. This feature ensures seamless integration into a variety of control systems, making the design process more straightforward.

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