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Diodes Incorporated


Diodes Incorporated PAM8906 36VPP Output Piezo Sounder Driver

Featuring Self-Excitation Mode

The PAM8906 is a piezoelectric sounder-driver with a built-in boost converter capable of driving outputs up to 36VPP and provides an optimized solution for a wide range of battery-powered applications.

With its integrated boost converter, the PAM8906 switches at a fixed 1.8MHz frequency, using a small 0.47µH inductor, and provides a higher sound pressure level (SPL) with three different output voltages. It has a low quiescent current plus an auto turn-on/off feature, which helps extend battery runtimes.

The PAM8906 is available in three output voltage options (10V, 12V, and 18V), with all three able to operate with either an external PWM input or in self-excitation mode (10V and 12V only) for various piezo sounder applications.

All variants have multiple protection features including overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) to ensure safe system operation.

The PAM8906’s high-voltage drive capability coupled with its low quiescent current provides clear benefits for battery-operated piezoelectric horns or alarm-related applications.

It is available in the MSOP-10 package for smaller PCB space.