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I-PEX MHF® 7S Micro-RF Coaxial Connector

The I-PEX MHF® 7S micro-RF coaxial connector features excellent EMC performance with a fully-shielded design. The connector series is ideal for 5G mmWave applications, VSWR 1.5 max at 15 GHz in a small 2.0 x 2.0 mm footprint.

The MHF® 7S series features a unique shielded design (ZenShield®) which reduces unwanted EMI found in 5G mmWave applications, a small form factor with max VSWR 1.50 and an industry-first stripline terminated signal pin inside the receptacle ground contact.

The MHF 7S Micro-RF Coaxial Connector represents a quantum-leap in stamped small form factor connector technology. Leading the way in EMI performance, the MHF 7S Connector redefines the boundaries of what is possible.