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Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust Charge

The trusted authentication solution for wireless charging

An increasing number of products and applications support wireless charging – driven by its obvious ease and convenience. However, an inaccurate power supply can be harmful to the device and, worst case scenario, even to the user.

Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Trust Charge is a turnkey solution providing secured device authentication for inductive wireless charging according to the Qi 1.3 wireless charging standard. Secured authentication with OPTIGA™ Trust Charge contributes to device and user safety by protecting against fake chargers.

The turnkey setup – with full system integration support and all key and certificate material preprogrammed – minimizes customer effort for design, integration and deployment. OPTIGA™ Trust Charge comes with preprogrammed locked OS, locked application code, and host-side modules to integrate with host microcontroller software. Integration support includes a reference board and documentation for rapid design-in.

The Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust Charge authentication chip is certified to Common Criteria EAL6+ (high), thus exceeding the security requirements of the Qi 1.3 standard. Infineon is able to provide personalization and injection of the certificates and keys specified by the WPC in a secured and certified environment according to WPC requirements, making it easy for customers to build in security capabilities.

OPTIGA™ Trust Charge is part of Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Trust family, which offers a full range of embedded security solutions for the connected devices market. All OPTIGA™ products are based on secured hardware and software.

  • Common Criteria EAL6+ (high) certified hardware
  • ECDSA P-256 authentication
  • NIST P-256, SHA-2 cryptography
  • Up to 10 kB user memory
  • PKI
  • I2C serial communication
  • USON10-2 package (3x3 mm)
  • Extended temperature range version available
  • Full turnkey solution incl. drivers, SW library, pre-implemented certificate(s) and key pair(s)
  • With Common Criteria EAL6+ (high) certified hardware, OPTIGATM Trust Charge exceeds WPC’s security requirements
  • Preloading of WPC-specific personalized keys and certificates at secure Infineon fabs to simplify key logistics and security integration
  • Easy integration thanks to full turnkey design and complete solution offering including embedded software, host software, a development board, a reference board and documentation
  • Optimized for small devices with tiny package and extended temperature range, bringing added flexibility to a wide range of consumer and industrial applications
Potential Applications
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Wearables
  • Accessories and other small personal electronic devices
  • Health tech devices
  • Industrial control and building automation/smart building
  • Wireless charging


OPTIGA™ Trust Charge Evaluation Kit

The OPTIGA™ Trust Charge evaluation kit combines our proven turnkey authentication solution with a powerful microcontroller, the XMC4700. Users can connect OPTIGA™ Trust Charge (SLS 32AIA) and explore its functionality and features through the I2C interface. Customers can use the kit for design-in or evaluation purposes.

Infineon's OPTIGA™ Trust Charge