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Infineon PSoC™ 4100S Max for Home Automation

Highly integrated, low-cost Arm® Cortex®-M0+ solution with next-gen CAPSENSE™ technology

The Infineon PSoC™ 4100S Max expands the scalable PSoC ™ 4 portfolio and delivers more flash, more GPIOs and introduces the next generation CAPSENSE ™ IP, MSC CAPSENSE ™. These advancements enable higher performance, lower power operation and lower cost HMI applications. Combined with new communication methods and a cryptographic accelerator, use the PSoC ™ 4100S Max to innovate your product to the next level.


32-bit MCU Subsystem with Maximum Memory and I/O Integration

  • Up-to 384 KB Flash & 32 KB SRAM
  • Up-to 84 pins of analog and digital capabilities


  • Support multiple data collection methods from touch to resistive or current sensors.

New variety of on-chip peripherals

  • CAN-FD, TX I2S, Fast I2C, Segment LCD,
  • TCPWM x8, SCB x5

Enhanced Cryptography

  • Dedicated HW security block to support AES, SHA, TRNG, PRNG & CRC functions

PSoC™ 4100S Max pioneer kit (CY8CKIT-041S-MAX)

  • Low-cost hardware platform that enables design and debug of the PSoC™ 4100S Max device
  • Includes 5th generation CAPSENSE™ based on Multi-Sense Convertor (MSC) technology

Modern, Flexible ModusToolbox™ Software

  • For developing embedded applications, with ready to use code examples, development kits



ModusToolbox™ Software – Key Reference Links:
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ModusToolbox™ Software GitHub Repository
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PSoC™ 4 Code Examples
PSoC™ 4 Peripheral Driver Library



  • Smart Home: Thermostat, Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Locks
  • Home Appliance: Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Microwave
  • Smart Building: Elevator, Control buttons, Access Control
  • Industrial Automation: Industrial robots, Sensor solutions, motor control
  • Consumer: 3D printer, printer, notebook


  • Low power compute & integration, optimized right from the hardware level - Reduced system costs with feature integration in single host MCU
  • Differentiated Touch HMI features in MCU - Improve end product user experience with robust touch based user interfaces, and intelligent analog sensing
  • Integrate differentiated analog capabilities to support resistive and current sensing - Flexible options for both Consumer and Industrial IoT applications
  • High-speed communications from Fast I2C or CAN-FD - Long range wired communication protocols for physically large systems
  • Dedicated cryptography block for fast cryptographic functions.
  • Easy to use software for prototyping and productizing end applications


Infineon PSoC 4100S Max Block Diagram


Reliable Capacitive Sensing Solution with Infineon